Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Summer has arrived with 90 degree weather and triple digit heat index. We had a storm go through Sunday evening dropping the temperature 14 degrees in a half hour. They had some people without electricity here, but the worse storm was to the north of us. The winds were clocked at 65 miles a hour. They clocked ours at the airport across the river at 50 miles a hour. It is time for school to start and that is usually when the hot weather hits. They will make the kids go to school long enough to make it count as a full day.
I am posting a couple of tea towels. I want your opinion. I want to know which blue birds you like best. The design across the bottom of the towel or the smaller design. I have been busy embroidering this past week to help relieve the stress. I have been told if I am not careful I can get the shingles back. I don't want another bout of those that is for sure. I still have problems with the after effect of the first time.
Birthdays have been big at our house this month and I have another wedding invitation. We have had five wedding invitations, two 50Th wedding anniversary celebration, a surprise birthday party coming up this weekend. We either don't have anything to do or our calendar is full. I just wish they would spread it out.
They have started on the new training facility for the Chiefs football team on our college campus. They are suppose to have camp here starting next year. They say that it will bring us a lot of tourism. We just finished a 14 and under girls National Softball tournament. It was very hot and humid for that one. We have some more sports bringing tournaments to our town. They did start a baseball team back this year so the St. Joseph Mustangs. It was all college age kids with several of our local kids playing. The last home game we had over 4000 attending. They had fireworks every Saturday night after the game. I still think it really helps with the kids helping in the community and having local kids. I need to get back to the set of napkins that I am working on now.

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Debbi said...

I like both your bluebirds! But my fave would have to the first pic. You do such beautiful work!