Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Evening

These are some of my latest embroidered tea towels. My August makes me think of fairs, pinics with the lady bugs and bumble bees. I am getting better at putting in my pictures of my work, but I need to take better pictures at times. My Christmas sleigh is to get me in the mood to start my Christmas shopping started early. I always do that so it doesn't seem like it cost that much. Christmas will be here before we are ready. I took on a little bit bigger project that is about half finished. It is a teapot table topper. I think it is really going to look cool when I get it finished . I am learning new things about blogging so I hope this does what I want because work will come early for me on Monday.

I just got some new iron on patterns from my family for my birthday that they found in Branson, Missouri. The boys helped mommy pick them out. I always have more than one project going.

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Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Thanks for stopping. Love the Sleigh tea towel...but gotta say....bah humbug..too early for Christmas, but we even have to start ordering Xmas greens now. Woohoo.
Hope you're havin a good day, even tho it is a work day.