Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Have you ever got your blog all type and lost the whole thing. That is what happen to me earlier today. I was feeling so proud of myself only to lose it all. I took a break and ate supper so I will try again.

We had a downpour, but it didn't last very long. It started yesterday evening raining really hard. I was thankful that we got home before it hit.

I don't like driving in real heavy rain where the visibility is pour. We have stayed in the 80's, but they are forecasting rain for most of the week.

We spent the day yesterday running errands and then taking a drive through the countryside.

One of the interesting things was the Noah Ark decorating the back yard. It had a ramp for the kids to climb to get inside of it. I would really liked to have been able to see it up close. It looked like it would be so much fun for the boys as if they don't have enough things to play with. We enjoyed looking at some of the old houses in Atchison, Kansas. They give guilded tours around the holidays as a fund raiser. I would love to see the inside, but it isn't something we can do unless my husband is having a really good day without using the wheelchair.
The second picture is another tea towel that I finished. I have a set of napkins done, but I haven't taken the pictures yet. I have started a table topper, but it will probably take a little longer to do.
You all have a wonderful week.