Saturday, January 22, 2011


They have said that we are in a winter storm watch until noon tomorrow. It was suppose to be here around 4 P.M., but we haven't got anything yet. It is to be rain and sleet to start turning to the snow. We will just wait and see about that.
My new banner is what I won from my friend LuLu. I had been thinking about doing some decorating for Valentine's day. I have been working on some tea towels for the occasion. Right now I am taking a break from embroidering to visit some of my friends her in blog land.
It has been cold today. I did what running around I needed to do this morning. I have been trying to get rid of a sinus infection and I found out that I have been expose to strep throat. Why don't people stay home when they know they have something like that???
We are making up for being lucky in December of not really having the bad weather. We are getting it all this month. I just don't want it next month because we have several doctor appointments in the City. Our goal is to have another year of staying out of the hospital, We will just take it one day at time.
I fixed supper tonight. Our son is cooking tomorrow night. He has one week of school completed. He catches the bus to go and I pick him up after I get off work. He is learning a lot about our city buses that is for sure.
Well I hope you all have a good week. Stay warm and safe.


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
I so hope you are feeling better soon with your sinus infection. Yes, I don't know why people don't stay home when sick. No one likes to be around someone ill. I hope your year is spent out of the hospital.

Love your banner and congrats on your win.
I hope you don't get the bad weather predicted.
Have fun creating your tea towels for Valentine's Day.
Hugs from Texas,
Celestina Marie

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello my sweet Missouir friend,
Sorry your not feeling good. I am like you why don't people stay at home when they are sick.
It would save a lot of others going through the same.
Your banner is beautiful. Makes me want to get LuLu to help me do something different with my site.
Hope you don't get really bad weather. I have been wondering if you were snowed in.
Think of you often

Elaine said...

We too are getting more snow.. I am thanful my son-in-law plows by driveway.

I had sinus problems and I kkept my nose moist with the saltwater inhalers they have . My friend also used a netti pot that DR Oz recomends. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

romance-of-roses said...

Dear Shirley,
Best wishes to you and your hubby too for good health. Yes, please stay out of hospitals if you can. Hope that sinus infection is all gone soon. I had problems with my blog, therefore, no comments plus they lost my picture and couldn't leave comments either, but all is good now.
Hugs from Lu in California

Diane said...

Good Morning, Shirley! Thank you for signing on as a follower on my blog. :-)
I hope your throat doesn't turn out to have strep germs! No fun. And keep warm if that storm is coming.
I hope you'll come back and visit with me again.

mimi said...

Hello Shirley,
We are getting snow here in Pittsburgh too. Not alot just enough to be a bother. I am afraid to drive in the snow and just the other day the roads looked clear so I thought I would give it a try. I hit some black ice and almost wrecked the car. Gods angels were with me because I stopped just in time. I hope you get your car back real soon. Stay safe and warm