Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Days Till Friday

It is time to think about Valentine's Day which will be a big holiday. I have to do a birthday before then. My other half is a Ground Hog birthday. I just need to decide if we are doing it before his birthday or after. I want to get the family together for breakfast.
Today was another bitter cold day. It was colder then yesterday. We never did get above 67 degrees inside. I don't like working when it is that cool. I wore my gloves that the tips of the fingers are missing so that I could type and do what was necessary. I had so many layers of clothes on.
My grandson's go back to school tomorrow. Their mom is going to take them to school because they won't come to the house like usual to pick them up because of the roads.
They will stay after school until she can pick them up. Her dad has been babysitting and the boys have been driving grandpa up the wall a little. This next Monday when they are out of school. Their dad will babysit because he has the day off.

I thought I would show you a picture of one of my new tea towels that I finished. I thought he turned out cute. My teddy bear on the Baby Blocks quilt is taking shape. He is in several different shades of golds, browns, yellows on his nose. Have you ever took a picture, put it on the computer, only now you can't find it.? I know I took a picture of a couple of the blocks. but I can't find them. I will in time.
The insurance adjuster is suppose to come look at my car tomorrow. I already have an estimate and I know where it is going to be repaired. The rental car has to have a big enough trunk that I can get a wheel chair in it.
My oldest is registering for college tomorrow. He is finishing up his degree. He only needs ten hours. There is a couple of jobs that he is looking at for which he is qualified except for having the piece of paper. He will have it by May.

This is a picture of my car covered with snow. It cleaned off pretty good because it was light and fluffy. We got more later in the day.
I don't like the snow to over the top of my boots. At least when they re plowed the streets they didn't fill my driveway back full. They had to re plow because of the drifting. I have to change the date on my camera. I nvever gave it a thought until I saw this picture. I just would like a camera that takes a good picture without all of the other things you have to change.
Well it is getting late and tomorrow is another working day so I had better close. Take care.


Michelle May said...

Brrr...I'm so sick of cold. I really hate cold. Love your new tea towel! Keep warm sweets! Your goodies are on their way!
xx, shell

Melody said...

Hi Shirley...I'm typing from the hospital. Dad was ambulanced last Monday. He's got an infection in his lungs. It's been a long week. We got hit Tues with your snow storm, so I couldn't get here. Now they're saying tomorrow might be ice...Monday more snow storm....I am definately tired of the winter!!
I lost 5 files of pics from 2010 and do not know where they went..
hate when that happens. Your towels look great as always. Sorry bout your car too. What a pain.
Well I just wanted to pop in, say hi, and let ya know why I haven't been by.
Talk care!

Melody said...

Good news...Dad's home.
he's still not great, but at least he's home. Mom stayed 27/7 in the room on a couch bed...she's tuckered out and Dad is tired too from tryin to breath. At least it definately not his heart...just lungs. On Tues his cardiologist stopped by...saw his name at the nurses station and stopped in wantin to know what was goin on and Dad said..'You Tell Me' We're lucky this Doc is a pea in a pod with Dad they are toooo much alike. He went out, asked for the chart, came back..smiled and said...'Says here you can't breath.' You can guess how Dad answered. He said no heart trouble, just a lung infection.
Well, after a few more days of I V med he was much better, but he's not allowed to do much and his breathing has made him lose so much weight..they say it's like his metabolism is in running mode due to his I'd like to have that for a month or so and then turn it off....
I glad you all felt like goin out. After we got done helpin Mom and Dad we went to the grocery and picked what little they needed and our stuff. Jim stopped..picked up KY Fried, sayin I wasn't cookin....We just got done a little while ago and now I'm stretched out tryin to get the charlie horses to go away...I'm pooped. I actually think I'm gonna close this laptop now, get mor's chilly in here too. got up to 39 melted some snow and got damp....and probavly fall asleep;)