Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer arrived early

It felt like it was the first day of summer today. We hit 92 degrees this afternoon. I am not ready for that. We haven't been home to long from the hospital seeing our son. They want to get his blood sugars under control before they send him home which is going to be hard to do because they are still giving him steroids. I laughed at what they have given him to eat which hasn't help either. I have only lived with a diabetic since 1983 when we found out my hubby was diabetic. We aren't any closer to know when he is going to come home.
Our grandson's Team won their soccer game and he came really close to scoring his first goal. It hit the metal at the end of the net. Also had his first t-ball practice. We will finish with one and start the other. Our oldest is having quite a time because he is now as tall as I am. He thinks that is just the neatest thing.
Well I really need to close for tonight it is getting late.

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Anonymous said...

Hot here today too and I was not happy at all with the high humidity so early in the year. Hope we both get a cool down soon. Too early for summer weather.

I sure hope they can get your son's blood sugar level good so he can go home. Still praying for him.

Isn't it fun to watch the grands play their sports games, they are just so cute. Wishing them all the best and lots of fun. Hugs