Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hope you all are surviving in the horrible heat that is going on right now We have cool down a little , but not as much as I would like. We  were at 103 when I left work. This month is my 70th birthday on the 19th and what better way for you all to help me celebrate then have a giveaway. I am not going to show you what it is because I want you to be surprised. I know you will like it. The rules of my giveaway are you need to leave a comment on this post. It is open to the US and Canada. You need to become a follower or if you are that is great, also. Please let me know if you are new to my blog or one of my faithful ones. If you don't have a blog, leave me a way to contact you. In your comment, I would like to know your favorite color and what is your favorite embroidery item.  I will close my giveaway at midnight on the 19th. I have donated things in the past for prizes, but this is my 1st giveaway that I have done myself.
This is a month of family birthdays at our house hold. My youngest grandson was born six days before his mother's and she was born six days before mine. I am looking forward to my weekend. We are celebrating my grandson's birthday on Saturday afternoon. Sunday we are going to my family reunion. We try to see how  many of the  brothers and sisters we can get together. There is ten of us if we are all there. Then with the extended children and their children we usually have a good turn out. It is pot luck and every one brings something. My oldest brother will be the oldest at 81 and I don't know how young we will have. Last year it was six weeks. It is a tradition that my parents started when they were alive. We have moved it inside in the air-conditioning because to many have health issues.
Try to stay as cool as possible, we are maybe going to get some rain by Thursday. It just means that I get to drive in the rain that day. I can handle that. Oh yes, my mammogram was good, don't have to go back for a year for those of you who might like to know. It made me feel good.
Everybody take care and have a good rest of the week.


Marydon said...

Happy birthday early, Shirley. I will be gone during your celebration. May your day be filled with joys & blessings. Have a beautiful day.

And, what a fun giveaway to celebrate ...


Sharon said...

Happy birthday, Shirley! I would love to participate in your blog giveaway. I enjoy your lovely blog and I am a recent follower.

Cinderella Moments said...

Do you have big plans for your birthday? A special little something you've been eying? It was 110 here today. I thought it was 108 but I just saw the news and it was a little more. I guess a couple degrees don't make a difference. They are planning rolling black outs tomorrow. I'm soooo mad! We already had them this winter. Stay cool!

Marilyn said...

Happy Early Birthday!! I will be 60 this Fall & feelin' great!! Probably better than I did when I was 30......
We are cooler here... Temps in the low 70's today.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Happy Birthday month Shirley!!
I hope all your wishes come true!!
I love a surprise and would be delighted to enter your giveaway!!
Don't know if I could handle heat temps like yours . . . we've been in the 90's and thats way too hot for me.
Keep cool ..

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Happy early birthday sweet friend!
xx, shell

ornamentsbypink said...

Hello Shirley, I'm a new follower here on your blog. We finally got a break in the heat today! Your embroidery work is so pretty!
And please enter me in your giveaway too!
Have a nice day!

Cathyjo said...

I do wish you a Happy Brithday and I do hope all your family makes it.I'm fairly new,love blue brids,flowers,All petty things as I think most do.I think you have a lovely blog and I enjoy reading your post.Thank You for sharing.

Sassy Marsha said...

Ohh, I'm glad I didn't miss your birthday!!!

Try to stay cool . . . . .


Char said...

Congratulations on the family reunion. I think getting everyone together is such fun and it's a great way to catch up on what has been happening too.
Happy Birthday sweet girl. I know this month will bring lots of memories and good times for all.
My favorite color has always been yellow. I have loved that color my whole life. Full of brightness and sunshine.
I see your temps are high, 103, is that normal for you? We are at 113 degrees, but as our son says, once you hit 110, it doesn't matter anymore, hot is hot. Ha!
I am proud to be entered into your give a way. I have been a follower of your lovely blog for a long time now, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy Pink Saturday Shirley, Char

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Happy 70 years young, my friend. I hope you have a day filled with love, laughter, family and friends.

Can't wait to see what generous giveaway gift some lucky friend will receive. (Fingers crossed, of course!)

Love and Birthday Wishes,