Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Days Left to Work

Just two days left this week, and we are still basically working with just three of us. It makes it a little rough, but we are managing. It wasn't working better until the heat came back, but then at least it waited for the lights to come back. Of course there is still some without electricity,
First, I would like the following people to e-mail me their address. The 1st winner of my drawing is Ornaments by Pink. 2nd winner is Brynwood Needle Works and 3rd is CathyJo.
I would like to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. We didn't do to much celebrating with the death of hubby's only aunt. Both she and his mother were to the 100th mark. We had celebrated her 100th birthday in May and his mom was two and a half months shy of hers.
They asked him if he was going to reach the same age. It remains to be seen.
I went down for my doctor appointment. I am gaining the weight that he is losing. We are going to change medicine just a little bit, but other then that everything went o.k.. My blood pressure is a little high, but with stress at work and all it makes a little rough. My boss is still in the hospital and don't know how soon he will be back to work. He had to have two surgeries this last trip to the hospital.
All of my grandsons are officially in school now. The Older two started school today. I think they were all excited about getting to go see their friends that they hadn't seen that much over the summer. They got to wear their new shoes. Mom made them wait.
The storm damage is still being cleaned up from the storms that we had. My niece wasn't so lucky. This is what is left of their blue spruces. The wind was clocked at 104 miles an hour. There isn't a pine needle left on the tree. The hail damage, wind damage is unbelievable. You think about having to have help when you have ice storms, or snow, but in the summer to restore everybody electricity.
My heart and prayers goes out to those in the earthquake area. I have been watching the hurricane reports and praying for my friends that they will be missed. You all have a good weekend.


Cinderella Moments said...

Shirley you must celebrate your birthday! Doesn't matter when. You gotta do it!Maybe this weekend you can take time to celebrate you.
And you work too hard!
big hugs,

Marydon said...

Oh, the earthquake was nothing really, Shirley. Just minimal light damages, tho we had none. Now to worry about the hurricane as it will be right on top of us.

I agree with Caroline, sweetie ... celebrate. If I had your address I'd send you a card ... so send it please. Slow down just a bit & take the time to enjoy today, my friend.

Have a beautiful weekend ~

LuLu Kellogg said...

Thanks for sending prayers my dear! We are hoping to that this Hurricane won't leave us with a mess. We just had that earthquake and now this! Mother Nature must not be happy!!

Can you send me your address please to my email?

Thanks Sweet Shirley!!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Shirley,
Happy Belated Birthday to you and many more happy and healthy years to follow.
SO great to catch up with you. I hope things settle down at work for you and your stress less and less.
Sorry to hear of your loss with your hubbies Aunt. 100 is a milestone for sure.
Sorry about the storm damage to so many. Those pine tree pics are amazing.
Our prayers are with those now who are bracing for the hurricane.

Thank you for stopping by sweet friend. Congrats to all those that won your givewaway.
Enjoy and celebrate your special day soon!

XO Celestina Marie