Monday, July 23, 2012

Praying for Rain

I have not prayed for rain for a long time, but the way everything is drying up we need it bad just like a lot of other people. We had another triple digit day with the temperature at 105 when I headed home from work. I felt sorry for the ones that was waiting on the bus for their transportation. We took a ride Saturday even though it was hot. I wanted to go to Joanne's in Kansas City. They had their craft lites on sale and I had a 50% off coupon which really helped. I, also, like their customer service. They helped me get it to the car and really was great in that respect. Looking at the crops and some of the trees you would think it is fall instead of being July. Some of the farmers are starting to cut their corn for silage to salvage something from it. Even baling their pasture grass preparing for a bad winter who knows. I know the price of hay has sure jumped. It is horrible. I know walking across my yard you could hear the grass crunch under my feet. Last year we had the flood and now this. It really makes you wonder about what lies ahead for the rest of the year. 
They cancelled the outdoor activities that were schedule because it was just to hot.  We have a chance for some rain Wednesday and Thursday, but I am not counting on it. 
We have been staying pretty much at home which I don't have a problem with under the circumstances.
They have opened some shelters for people who don't have air-condition to help them, but there are still people who won't go even if someone picked them up and took them. 
I hope all of you are staying as cool as possible. I know talking with my son in Louisiana, he said they had some rain, but the humidity was a lot different then here, but he was doing o.k.. I think he would tell mom that even if he wasn't so that I won't worry as much. I still do, that is just my nature. 
Well it is time to go bed before it gets to late. I have to work tomorrow. Take care and stay cool.



Susie said...

Shirley, I remember praying for the rain to stop 4 years ago..and this year, I too have prayed for rain. I have been praying that those that need it get enough...not too much. Smiles to you, Susie

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Everyones weather is just so crazy the last few years. So hard on the farmers when mother nature doesn't cooperate. Used to be able to rely on her to come thru. Be careful and be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Praying for rain to come your way.

Debby said...

It is hot where you are and with that so dry. We are getting a little rain today. Still way behind on totals. We seems to mostly have temps in the 90's.....I don't know how you do those triple digits. Our humidity was so bad yesterday. I know how crazy the weather lately. I hope you get rain minus the floods.
Have a good week. Thanks for all your comments. They really help me when I am on low fuel.

bj said...

We had a nice little rain last night here in my part of West Texas. The air is so clean and fresh this morning and it's sooo good to see a wet lawn. :)
Keep works.
xo bj

Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

It's been warm here (UK) but nowhere near as hot where you are. I'm struggling with the heat and humidity here so I'd be an immovable blob if I was there. I hope you get the rain you need, we have had plenty so I'm sure it must be your turn soon :-)