Friday, July 13, 2012


Thank Goodness Its Friday
Have you ever had a day that you couldn't wait for it to end? The faster you tried to go the worse it got. That was today. I had so many things I wanted to get done knowing that I was going to be gone on Monday for the day, but I guess it will be there on Tuesday.  It is not going to go away that is for sure. 
We had a shower last night which helped cool it down a little. I hope the weather man is wrong about tomorrow because they say we are going to have hot weather. I guess if we can't go watch the boys ride then I will work on a commission lap quilt.  I just finished a special order that is leaving tomorrow for North Carolina. I learned a lesson though. Have you ever tried to change colors after you have washed it? I did it, but I don't think I will ever do it again. I had to free hand the  word design back on the tea towel. That is fun to do, but taking a seam ripper to get out what I had embroidered was the worse part. As the saying goes, I don't plan on anybody having a problem with my work. 
 Isn't he the cutest hat retriever that you have ever seen? He was having a blast going to get the kid's hats when they would blow off . The hat that he has in his hand is my grandson's. They finally got told they could go without their hats. He didn't mind chasing them. As soon as they told him he could go, He would run as fast as his little legs would go.
I haven't heard whether his mom found him a white shirt or not. They have to wear white shirts for the first three classes in an up coming 4-H  event. The only thing white shows dirt really fast. Weather permitting we are going to go watch both boys ride tomorrow. We haven't gone the last couple of times  because of the heat. When they don't have shade and there is no way I can park the car where we can watch from it and run the ac. We just stay home and they take a lot of pictures.
We are back on the road on Monday to the doctors. The blood work today showed that his blood count has improved, but still not much energy. The color is a little better so we just take every day we get and we are thankful for all of you who say prayers for us. I am a firm believer that is why he is still here. 
Hope all of you have  a wonderful weekend and stay cool. 


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Shirley, I have those kind of days often and I quess they really make me appreciate the better days.
Loved the pic of your little guy running to pick up the hats. So cute.
I pray the blood work continues to show improvement and returned energy soon.
Glad you had some rain to cool things down.
I know your commission lap quilt will be gorgeous.
Thank you for stopping by my studio and your kind comment.
Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you and yours.
Celestina Marie XO

NanaDiana said...

I have had days like that for sure. And they seem even longer than normal. Love the little hat picker- how cute is that?

Keeping your hubby in my prayers and I am so glad that they are helping him. I hope he can get some energy back.

Blessings to you- xo Diana

Michelle May said...

Light and love to you and your husband. That wee one is just so adorable. Kiddo's keep you young.

vicki said...

Shirley -
I am continuing to hold you and your husband in my prayers. Every day is precious ---

I hope you did get to go and watch your sweet grand babes in the show. Its been hot here - but mostly rainy all weekend. I'm glad that you have your beautiful stitch work to keep you busy when you have long days.

I hope your weekend is better than mine --- I'm working :(


Elaine said...

Glad you had some rain. We really need it..none here for weeks. I can see these little coyboys after 30 minutes with a white shirt.. Warms hugs and I hope your husband improves more.