Monday, July 30, 2012

This and That

The water fall  is another picture my niece took while on vacation in the state of Washington.  With all of the hot weather we have been having it makes you wish, you had one close to home that you could stand under without drowning to enjoy the cool water. 
We had one day of 80's then right back to the triple digit mark. We are suppose to stay that way for the next three days. 
I did find me a couple pair of shorts to wear to work. I don't usually wear them, but with our ac not working the best in the world, you need all of the help you can get. 
This next weekend will be a busy weekend for us. We are planning on at the present time going to watch the boys ride.  It depended on how well the riding lessons went whether my middle grandson gets to do games or not.  He doesn't really care if he wins or not he just likes to try.  They will show Western Pleasure in the evening.
Sunday is the big day for our family reunion. I still have to decide what I am going to take.  I am looking forward to seeing my brothers and sisters.  It will be the only time we get to see some of them and of course, there is always new ones to meet for the first time.  You never know who you will see. Our oldest would love to fly home, but just to busy right now. Working 6 to 7 days a week. They seem to be very busy which is good thing. He has a job which is the most important.  
We will be celebrating birthdays in August three weeks in a roll. Our youngest grandson will turn 7 on the 7th, our daughters is the 13th and mine is the 19th.  School starts the 16th for part of them. It doesn't seem like it should be that close already. They are starting so much earlier this year don't know why. 
I probably will be quiet tomorrow without a voice.  My voice is really scratchy right now. I assume it is the allergies acting up, but then it was raining a little when I went to work. I got a little damp and working in ac while you are drying out might not have helped. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Blondie's Journal said...

The waterfall looks very refreshing! We are in the middle of a storm now...we have had a lot of rain here in Michigan but it does little to break up the heat and humidity.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the reunion, they are always fun! August sounds like a busy month for you, but at least you get a birthday out of it for yourself! :)


Vickie said...

The reunion sounds fabulous. My, the 16th is early to go back to school!

NanaDiana said...

Shirley- It sounds like you have a busy week/weekend coming up. How wonderful to be able to get together with family. I am sorry your son won't be there but glad that he is working.

Glad you found some shorts to see you through the hot weather. It is awful but we are finally dropping degrees here- Thank Goodness.

Have fun at the horse doings- xo Diana

Jillayne said...

Hi Shirley,
Your reunion should be a lot of fun - sounds like you have a pretty big family so there will be lots of people to catch up with!
I hope your weather cools down for you soon. Triple digits is awfully hot and I'm with you - AC is not the best thing to spend your days in.
Take care, jillayne

Marydon said...

I am from WA ST, where did she take this fabulous pics? There are so many lush scenes of nature in WA & OR.

I know you will have a grand time at the reunion.

The heat is unbearable in so many places ... been pretty rough here.

You are going to have such fun celebrating all those birthdays, my friend. IN CASE I FORGET, Happy Birthday blessings to you. Last month was all the birthdays & anniversaries for us.

Have a beautiful eve ~

LuLu Kellogg said...

Rest up your voice!!

I hope you will have a wonderful time at the reunion and that the weather will cooperate!


bj said...

g'morning, sister friend.
we have a lot of birthdays in april so we have one large dinner party for all of them. turns into a great party each year.
have a beautiful weekend.

vicki said...

Shirley- the waterfall loold so peaceful-- so COOL!! I hope you are getting to see your little cowboys ride some--- the reunion seems to be exciting-- I hope it was wonderful for you-


Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley,
Yes, that waterfall looks so wonderfully cool. Just what we need to see during the hot days of summer. I am glad you were able to find some shorts for work. Enjoy your weekend with your family, dear friend! Sending lots of love to you~ Vicki