Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The doctor report is good. I don't have shingles or anything contagious. He gave it a big medical name , but in terms that I could understand is an old age brown spot. The doctor didn't want to say old age. I didn't have a problem with him doing it. At least I could understand that term. The reason I am having some problem with it is because of the location. It is located at my waistline and gets irritated at times with my jeans. He told me what I could use on it. I felt like a lot of weight had been lifted from my shoulders finding out that it was nothing serious. My blood pressure was high, but my day had not started off good. My hubby's blood sugar was really low so I had to address that before I went to work, then I find out my boss is in the hospital, then my doctor appointment which left them very very short handed. 
Now happier things. Meet my new friend, Mir bluebird. He is what I won from Donna at Brynwood Needleworks giveaway. He is so cute and makes me think of her every time that I look at him. He is sitting close to my sewing. Donna allowed me to use her picture for which I am thankful for.
The fund raising has started. Now my youngest two grandsons are selling popcorn for Scouts. Of course, you can't buy from one if you don't buy from the other. Oh well grandpa likes his snack of popcorn in the evening so we will use it over time.  My oldest will be selling trash bags if it is like last year. Well I need to get my quilt finished if I can this evening I would like to be able to deliver it this Saturday.  Have a great day .


sweet violets said...

So glad for your good news!!! hugs...cleo

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Congratulations for the great medical news! I'm glad it wasn't anything scary.

I'm also glad you love your little Mir bird. I hope she'll keep you good company at your machine.

My great-nephew is selling popcorn for scouts, too. He'll have to ship some to FL, because Aunt Donna really loves that popcorn! lol

Have a good finish to your week.

laurie said...
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laurie said...

ooops I deleted my comment by accident, I'm still getting use to this now key board, what I said was how happy I was you had good news, such a relief, our children are selling chocolate, popcorn would be healthier!

Vickie said...

Prayers answered on the back patch! Hooray! Have a great day Donna.

Kim said...

So glad it is nothing serious. That little bluebird is adorable! Love him

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm glad you got some good news, Shirley. I know you must have been worried. My mother had shingles and it wasn't fun.

I love your little cute! I'm happy you won!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


romance-of-roses said...

Shirley, thank God you don't have the shingles, I had them 2 years ago and was down for three months...and talk about pain, whew! just awful. Brown spots we can live with, no problem. Love and prayers...Lu

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So glad it isn't anything serious. It would be great it it could be removed...but I guess that would really be a hard place for it to heal since it rubs at the waist.

I'm wishing all is ok with your hubby, hopefully he was just really tired?

Your little bird is a cutie! Congrats on the win!

Take care and I think of you often especially when I use one of your beautiful items :)

Jillayne said...

That's great news Shirley! I am so happy to hear it wasn't anything serious - hopefully the cream will help. And congrats on winning Donna's beautiful pin cushion!

Beedeebabee said...

So happy it was nothing serious, Shirley...Donna's birdie is adorable. Everything she makes is always so special...Popcorn is my favorite snack. Now I have an urge for some, and it's only 8:30 in the morning! xo :)

vicki said...

Hi Shirley- I can certainly identify with your "scare"-- I had almost the same thing a few months ago-- scared my silly. ( eventually it will just fall off--)

Can't believe those boys are big enough to be selling things for school projects!! If I was closer-- I'd buy all their popcorn!!

I've missed you--

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley, my friend,
I am glad your skin condition was nothing serious. I know that is a great relief to you. Congratulations on winning that cute little bird. He is making me smile. I hope you have the best of weeks, sweet one. I know exactly what you mean about these grandchildren and their fund raisers. I always like to help mine out. I remember those days when my two sons were having fundraisers and always appreciated any help. Sending love and hugs~Vicki