Thursday, January 29, 2015

It is Coming

   They say the bad weather is suppose to arrive this weekend. It is suppose to start with rain and turn to snow. I am hoping that they are wrong. 
   I know that we dropped 40 degrees from yesterday to today temperature wise and the wind was bad. I had a road trip today, but I made it out and back. I picked up groceries while I was out so that I didn't have to worry about that later. 
   There are several who asked about what I am using on my hands. It is called Austrian Dream. You don't use very much and can apply it up to three times a day. So far I haven't had to use that much. You wonder about my embroidering. That is one of the things that helps me to keep my hands from getting stiff. I have been told to use them whether it is typing on the computer or embroidering or just what. If I don't use them, they will get stiff. My daughter-in-law found the cream at the pharmacy, but it is not cover with insurance. If you aren't satisfied, you are suppose to send the jar along with your original receipt back for a full refund. Another thing I like is after you rub it on, it doesn't leave your hands greasy. 
   Hubby was sick today. They think it was the way they gave his meds at breakfast, but he hasn't ate much. He did keep some chicken noodle soup down at lunch. I haven't talked to him yet this evening. It is a little to early for him to call. He has spent the day in bed. Without really knowing what is going on in that respect I didn't go up after my road trip plus I was tired of driving in the wind.
   My grandson had to ride before he goes tomorrow for his last appointment with the physical therapist at Children's Mercy so he rode brothers horse. He made it just fine with no problems. Hopefully everything is like it should be tomorrow. It also means that he will be able to show his horse this summer. The first show is May 16th and fast as the months are flying it will be here before we know it. The next appointment after tomorrow will be with the ear doctor to see about his hearing and how they are going to address that. 
   I saw on the news that even Florida was to have some freezing weather. I really don't know where you can go for warm weather. The last few days have spoiled us, but then it is only the end of January. 
   I told my hubby he can't see his shadow on the second. He is a ground hog baby. I want to take him something for his birthday. I have been thinking about a cup cake. The place that really makes yummy ones puts so much frosting on them. It would really give him a sugar high.  I really don't think that it makes a difference whether he sees his shadow or not we are bound to have more winter weather. 
   I keep praying for my friends on the East coast and those that are getting the bad weather that they can get dug out and no problems.There has been so many accidents. Well I have one more Valentine tea towel to finish so I better bring this to a close. Take care stay warm and safe. 


Kaisievic said...

Good luck with the bad weather and I hope that everyone's health improves.

Blondie's Journal said...

Shirley...I know we aren't really close in miles but we have similar weather. I haven't heard or read of any cold or bad weather here, so I hope you don't have it either.

I'm so sorry about your husband not feeling well. I think a cupcake with some whipped cream like Redi-Whip would be great. It has NO sugar! That's why I can have it in raspberries and blueberries, with no added sugar. I love the taste, You can make your own cupcakes or buy one and scrape that wicked thick frosting off!! :)

Love to you...stay warm and dry!

Jane xxxx

Gert said...

Oh Shirley, I hope you don't get that rain and snow! Seems like nothing worse then icy roads. Be praying for you and your hubby. Glad you can keep your fingers busy!!


Linda said...

I like that old saying - use it or lose it!! That's what I do and I am hoping it works. My fingers are all knobby and knarly but at least they still work!!
Bless your heart - I can feel your concern for your dear hubby. God bless you as you go through the remainder of this week. Loved hearing about your grandson's plans for showing his horse!

Vickie said...

I am praying for your husband Shirley.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope the bad weather bypasses you! It's cold here but not snowing. Stay warm!

Debby said...

I sure hope your husband feels better. I think it was good you came on home. I went out today to the bank and post office. The roads weren't clear and I passed poor young man in the ditch. I asked if I could help. Someone was trying to push him out. They looked at me as if to say, "Sure lady." When I came home the Sheriff was there. Yes, more winter weather headed our way. Be careful. It's good that you love your needleworking. Hugs