Tuesday, January 13, 2015


    Have you ever had a hard time making up your mind of whether to venture out in the cold or stay in where it is warm? We have been very lucky weatherwise. Other than the bitter cold we haven't had a lot of snow or ice. 
    My son's visit was much to short. He made it safely back. He will be home in April to take care of a few things that have to be done. He had a letter about serving on the Federal Grand Jury. I don't know what will happen there if he will have to and who pays the expense for it. 
     Aren't the FedEx truck's cute? My daughter-in-law made them for a Christmas Present. My 10 year old grandson is wanting to learn how to do some of the things that the rest of the family make. They are very talented when it comes to making crafts out of different types of wood. Of course, they have their favorite type of wood that they like to work with. 
    I don't have to much more to do on my baby quilt and it will be done. I can't wait so that I can show you what I have been doing. I need to get it finished so I can make some new Valentine things for my etsy shop. I have a couple that I found in my stash finished that I need to take pictures of soon. I still have the problem of taking them to where they do justice to my work. 
    I have been marking my calender for the boy's activities whether it is scouting, basketball, or even going to try to go watch my youngest grandson bowl. My youngest grand child and I have been texting. It is helping grandma do a better job. He got his dad's old phone and only can text certain people in the family. He is excited because they are painting his room. He picked the color his self. He wanted a red wall, but that was vetoed by mom. What colors they chose. Him and his dad costumed mixed the color he chose. Dad has experience in doing that and is very good at it. 
    Well this afternoon I will go up to see hubby at the nursing home. See if the doctor comes to his room and can answer my questions. 
    I have been saying prayers for all of those in need whether traveling or sick. We can never have to many of them. Take care, stay safe and warm. Mother Nature is not particular with what part of the country you live in with the cold weather. 


Debby said...

Visits come to an end way too quickly. Before you know it your son will be home again.
I usually only go out when I have to. Too easy to stay inside. Today I do need to go watch the littles and get a couple of staples.
You stay warm. I hope you get to see the doctor.

Vickie said...

I am hoping we will find out you got all your questions answered by the doctor.
Take care.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Here is wishes for good doctor answers..

A visit, even a short one is a blessing for sure. Stay warm. I have started my countdown to spring

NanaDiana said...

I am anxious to see the baby quilt finished. It will be good to have your son home for a bit...and for him to be able to spend some time with his dad. I sure hope you get some answers from the doctors about your hubby's overall health.

Blessings to you- xo Diana

111 LaLa Lane said...

I just love the painting you have in your blog today. Wish it looked like that here in my neck of the woods. We've had a lot of rain the past couple of days with cold temps. Really dreary. Snow would be so much more fun. Hope you get your answers concerning your husband. Take care and stay warm. Hugs from your SC friend.

Gert said...

Weather is improving here finally. Yes,,we do stay in due to weather and health. Can't wait to see the quilt when you're done, I'm sure it is adorable! Sounds like you keep busy with your grandsons! Bless grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, best of luck at the doctor, I will look forward to see the quilt! I love those little Fedex tucks, gosh they are so cute,