Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29,2008

Thanksgiving is over and now our thoughts turn to Christmas. Santa and his reindeer tea towel has arrived. I decided it wouldn't be Christmas without some so I am in the process and these are a couple of the first ones that I have got done and will be going into my shop at plus some other new items.
We had our first snow today and it is snowing at the present time. The ground is on the warm side so it is not accumulating as much as it could. I always want a the grass to be white, but the streets to be clear.
How many of you remember the coasting party and all the fun that you can have in the snow.
Did any of you ever eat snow ice cream when you were growing up. I can remember using my mom's wash tub as a sled. We even used the scoop shovel turned backwards. We got in trouble for it , but it was sure a lot of fun. We went to a one room school house when I started to school. We would take our sleds and go coasting at the lunch. Of course, we didn't get much accomplished in the afternoon , because
we didn't want to come in. It sure was a lot of fun and the sch0ol house is still standing.
We don't really want a winter like last with all the snow and ice storm. The snow I can handle, but I don't like the snow.
People were out shopping on black Friday, but I chose to babysit my two oldest grandsons. It was much easier and I didn't have to worry about trying to push a wheel chair through a croud. It definitely was more enjoyable.

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{Happy Homes} said...

Hi Shirley, I just joined the Cottage Style esty group and found your blog. Very lovely. I love vintage-style embroidery. Beautiful work and I'm looking forward to getting to know the people on Cottage style;0) You have a lovely blog, too!