Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1, 2008

I thought you might like to see the fall color in my back yard. We have raised them from babies. We even have a pecan and english walnut, but have yet got any harvest because the squirrels beat us to them, which I really don't mind.

We took our drive today to see the fall color because you don't know how much longer it will last. We have been taking a lot of two lane highways and seeing the countryside. A lot of the farmers are busy trying to get their crops out. I usually try to pick routes that will have the bluffs and hills. We never know which direction we are going, but it is fun and gives my husband an outing. He isn't feeling the best in the world right at the moment. They say it is allergies and put him on allergy medicine. I haven't decided if they are right or not because when he coughs it sounds awfully loose. He doesn't cough anything up.

Halloween is over and the next thing will be Thanksgiving. I will have a long weekend which always makes me happy. The last day of the month is always statement day which is an all day process. I always manage to get it done if everybody cooperates and leaves me alone.

I am still fighting with the insurance company. They told me when I called that we were through the donut hole and I would not have any problems when I went to pick up his medicine up. I gave them a day before I went so that they could do what ever they had to do. I went to get his medicine and I was told that it would be over $200.00 I just about had a heart attack. I told them I wasn't paying it because I was through the donut hole. We called the insurance company again and was told that the one who told me that I wouldn't have any problems didn't have the authority to tell me that. It would take 2 to 5 days while they audited the account but admitted that I was through the donut hole. I told them that they should have someone that could make the decision involving problems on each shift because appologies just didn't cut it. They just didn't want to pay the claim because now they have to pay 95% of his high dollar medicine. A word of advice to all of you who have medicare and prescription d insurance be sure that you keep track of what you spend on medicine when it comes to the donut hole because they will definitely trying collecting more then they should.

I have a surprise 40th anniversary party to go to so I better get my self in gear as I like to say.

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