Thursday, March 5, 2009

80 Degrees

Who would ever believe that we went from snow and cold over the weekend to 80 degrees today. It is so unusal. My magnolia tree is starting to bud out, but it will probably freeze.
It was so pretty outside that it made you want to play hooky. I was reading blogs tonight. It was fun to be taken down Memorie Lane. I grew up on the farm along with six brothers and three sisters. We each had our chores to do along with taking care of the livestock, which consisted of cows, hogs, chickens, dogs, cats, but no rabbits. I learned how to milk cows,put up hay loose in the barn, shuck corn by hand and dad would come with the team and wagon to get it. We raised our own garden and butchered our own meet. I can remember my mom canning the beef. I remember the wash board and tub and when we got our first electric refrigerator. I remember going to town to my oldest brothers house after he got married and watching television. Our entertainment at home was listening to the radio. I can remember my mom cooking on a wood stove when we didn't have lights and the one room school house where you had all eight grades.
We are to have another nice day tomorrow and then it is back to the rain over the weekend to the cold on Monday. You all have a nice weekend.


Melody said...

Hooray! Its 75 here this weekend and can not wait to spring forward with time. It'll be lighter later. What wonderful memories Shirley. My Dad has memories of bailing the hay. Watching them make homemade sausage, The breakfast table at 4a filled with all kinds of eggs, meats, and breads, then coming in for lunch and the table would be uncovered, meats and breads were covered over with oilcloth, and sandwiches were made. They had the radio too and phonogragh. They were the first to have a TV in the area and a lot of visitors. I love all the memories. That's why I love vintage stuff so much...when I was growing up in the 60 and 70's
what you all called old stuff was still in use around my grandparent and great-grandparents houses.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Shirley! You did it! You are linked to us. I'll add your blog to our list!!