Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

I know it is a little early, but I know that I am going to have a very busy week and I wanted to wish everybody a Happy St Patrick's Day. I have so many things hanging in the air right at the momment with my hubby. We have been visiting the doctor's and so far everything has gone well. We still don't know why the chest pains. We never ignore them because everyone of his heart attacks have been silent.
My youngest grandson started to his pre-preschool on Monday. He will go three days a week. He only goes about three hours, but he was very anxious to go. He was ready to go the next day. My daughter thought it would be a good idea and the teacher said that he fit right in and you couldn't tell it was his first day. It was his parents that had the fire. His daddy is still doing physical theraphy, but doing nicely. It just slowed him down a little. He is so use to doing everything that he has just found out he has to take time out to rest. They, also changed his diabetic medicine which has really made a difference.
It has been raining and cold here. We started the day off at 41 degrees and we have dropped all afternoon. The wind chill was 13 when I got off work.
We only have ten days until the first day of Spring. My magnolia tree was starting to bud because of the warm weather, but it will probably freeze. I have red bud, dogwood, flowering crab apple, and magnolia trees. They can be so very pretty. My dogwood are white and pink. The countdown is continuing.


Melody said...

Hi Shirley,
Been thinkin of you. Your Magnolia'll probably be fine, it's only budded not leafed. The rain with the low temp's will more than likely put a coating on them and keep em warm. A thin layer of ice like they do in Fl with the orange trees when it gets cold down there.
Best wishes to all, prayers, and hugs.

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