Monday, March 2, 2009


This is my car after the snow finally stopped on Saturday. I got a phone call early to see where mom was at from my son. I told him I was home and staying home. He wanted to know if Matt was going to clean my driveway and I told me yes.
It was really nice because when Matt and his friend Mike came not only did they cleaned my steps, push the driveway, but helped clean off my car. I called my son later to see how the boys did at the barber shop because the barber was going to cut all three of my grandson's hair. The ages are almost 10, 4 and 3. The younger two are quite a pair when you get them together. They said the barbershop was still standing. Ha.
To all of my friends and others who went through the bad weather this weekend, I hope you all survived with out any major problems. I know part of you got a lot more snow then we did in area's that don't have the snow removal equipment. Our street was plow with Road Graders so I don't know if they were county employees or City. The City had taken their plows off thinking they wouldn't need them anymore. Our major highway was closed for a while and only had one lane traffic while they were trying to plow some of the snow. A lot of wrecks, because people forget how to drive in bad weather.
I have a question for you all. Can any of you tell me why young couples to be married are registering at Lowe's. We have received two wedding invitations and both couples have listed them as one of the places they are registered. It will be a busy time for us ewith the weddings and this year is my 50Th class reunion that is aging me for sure. I told them I was planning on going plus having family graduate from eighth grade and high school.
Eighteen days until Spring but who's counting. Ha.


Dragonfly Treasure said...

wowie! You sure did get alot of snow!!! Wishing you warmer temps & spring flowers blooming =)

Melody said...

Holy Cow! Hope you're keeping warm.
We had rain then very cold. Can't wait for the weekend and the upper 60's!! Yeah!
I love the Lowe's registry idea. Wish they did this when Jim and I got married in 93. We had a new house, but had lived in our families homes all our lives,til we married. We needed everything. With the 20-30 somtethings today, they have been out on thier own for a while and most have the basic essentials for housekeeping. If they live in an apt, they may want a redo. If they have a revamp. It's not just lumber,(although I love walking thru the paneling),nails and shingles. He might want power tools, grill, lawnmower, showerhead. She might want new lighting, decorative hardware, shower curtain, or rug. They both might want new ourdoor furniture, plants, appliances, new front door.
We even now someone who had a fancy mailbox on thier registry for the new house!