Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Busy Saturday

We spent a lot of time in the car today, with all of the errands I had to run, but the weather was absolutely beautiful. It got up to 78 degrees with a breeze out of the south. The red buds, magnolia's, dogwoods, and all of the early spring flowers are so pretty. I think they are causing me a little problem though because my eyes have been watering today. Maybe because I have allergies and the pollen count is high.
My son bought another pony and this one Matt can ride. He has always wanted to ride the horse now he can. They found one that they were also selling the saddle so mommy and daddy didn't go get that one. We are to go out and they will take us so he can show us the new pony. Matt, my 5 year old is going to be one to try the sports, and it all. He went to a birthday party at the skating rink and he like roller skating. It was fun. They always amaze me.
My youngest didn't want his uncle spending the night because he thought he was going to take his bed. The next morning he got up and checked out the couch for his uncle. He wanted to know where he was at. He didn't think he should go to work. I had got a body perm and I needed a day so it wouldn't set his asthma off.
We are suppose to have wonderful weather this next week and not have any rain, which will really help. We are actually going to get one more worker at work,which will really help. I will get to maybe do my work instead of everything else.
I actually went shopping for mom today, which is a rarity because normally I put me in the background. I had to have a new pair of shoes for work because my others were coming apart. I had only had them for about a couple of years or longer. I will keep them for when I work in the yard. I am debating if I want to try to raise some flowers this year. I think I may pass with all of the irons I have in the fire at the present time.
Well I am off to check and see what my friends are doing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


The French Bear said...

Shirley, how nice to have great weather finally. Sounds like everything is going well... maybe you will have more time if you get another worker at your would be nice to do just what you are supposed to.
How happy your little guy will be, a pony, that is exciting!!!
Have a great week, I am off on a vacation, my stepdaughter is getting married and we go to Cuba. It is not the best place for me with my Lupus but I can relax inside and do some stitching!!!
Margaret B

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Shirley! Isn't it funny how we crave the good weather and then when it arrives it brings all the pollen with it and then we're suffering. We can't win for loosing sometimes but it's SO nice to finally have a nice run of good warm weather for a change. I just wished we could get rid of the wind! Congrats to your grandson for getting a pony...luck fellow! Have a wonderful Sunday...Maura