Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thankful for the Weekend

I was so thankful to see 4:30 Friday evening arrive. The week was over and I was more then ready. My oldest spent time in the ER being checked out after taking an ambulance ride from the doctor's office. It wasn't his heart for which we are thankful. He was having a problem with his chemical asthma. I am hoping that we can find a good lung doctor, who maybe can shed some light on the conditions of his lungs and more how to handle it. You have to hurry up and wait for doctor appointments, which at times you don't get over night although you wish that you did. The main thing is that he is home and the breathing is improving and he will just have to watch what he does.
Today was a beautiful day. We started off at 40 degrees, but by the afternoon we were up to 63. They are predicting us dropping back down in the 30's. We have been from one extreme to the other that is for sure.
I had a day of running errands. The first thing after breakfast was getting my car serviced. My car has a message system that tells you that you have low tire pressure, change oil soon, door ajar, and things like that. I am glad that it tells me to change oil soon because I don't have to remember what the mileage was when I had it done. I took some embroidery work with me to keep the hands busy while I waited. I have a little bit left and I will be through except for the border. If I am home long enough tomorrow I will get it finished. I won't know until in the morning. I did turn my furnace back on with it going to get in the 30's.
I am hoping to get out to the kids tomorrow so we can see the new pony that they got. Now both boys have ponies. I can see the younger one riding more then the oldest, but maybe it will give the motivation needed we will wait and see.
Our school district is talking about not having the summer school program, which will cause some problems for parents that work. I know that my daughter-in-law checked to see if my oldest could stay with my daughter's mother-in-law as a back up plan. Matt can continue where he is at with the school age children if need to be. They are growing up so very fast and I am not ready to admit that I am getting older.
Everybody enjoy what is left of your weekend. I hope that you have wonderful weather.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, I will keep your son's health in my prayers and that he is able to find a good lunge doctor. I think its so nice that your family is able to own ponies! I so would have been jealous of that when I was a kid growing up! I think we are supposed to have temps close to the 80's tomorrow! Time to sit in the back yard for a bit.

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley,
It is always nice to see the weekend, isn't it? I hope your son can find the right treatment for his asthma very soon. I hope warm weather with sunshine returns for you very soon. I have enjoyed the spring weather here in Texas so much. Love and blessings~ Vicki
p.s. I love your new blog look, very pretty!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweet Shirley~

I do hope your will get better.

It's all dark and gloomy here so today is a good day for creating some Halloween things!

Happy Sunday my Friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, Just wanted to let you know that you won my give away over at my blog! Let me know your information so I can send it off to you. Maybe this will be a better week for you!

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! Happy Professional Assistants Week!
We're having the same weather. Sat. we got a load of topsoil to put in our raised bed gardens at the front of the house. I was on the porch while Jim did his load and tote thing, but after a while My head started to feel funny...darn mold!! I went inside and didn't get to put my cyress mulch down. By Sun. afternoon after grocery shoppin I was feeling guessed it..I had to lay down..actually fell asleep! Ruined my whole day. I still have plants to put in and mulchin and dang it I will do it.
There must be something around this area. Had to take 2 of the kittens to the vet..they weren't breathin right..sounded like Jim't tell I said that. They have asthma! and allergies. Had to get shots! The other 4 are fine.
Dad still isn't breathin right, but they found his lungs weren't as bad as they thought, but they still can't find an underlying cause. He was gonna mow with the riding mower yesterday, but Jim said he'd do it. Poor Dad gets soooo bored.
Mom's doin better..did I tell ya we were at the Hosp with her last week? Her heart went outta sync, then after several hours went right back in sync again! without the Drs. doin anything. They were really happy..don't know why it does that, but they say it's a good thing it does it by itself. They are scarin us to death, but evidently this is not a rare thing. A lot of people your guys age is doin this..I think you all are just trying to scare your kids into gray hair for revenge!!
I'm Still hopin St Anthony can find the Dr your Son needs. He's in my prayers.
Well,I have to get back to work. Talk to ya later

TinyBear said...

Hi Shirley
Sorry to hear about your son sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way.
Love your new blog look.
Wishing you a wonderful week.
xo Tina

stefanie said...

scary...I will be praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your son..... Thank you for visiting my blog!! Yours is absolutely beautiful!!
Have A Wonderful Day!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Shirley!
I'll keep your son in my prayers. I'm a respiratory therapist, so I know how important it is to find just the right pulmonologist.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Shirley! I hope your son is feeling better soon and you are able to find a good specialist for him. Oh, to be able to own a wonderful for those little ones! xoxo Paulette ;)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Sure hope you find a good Dr for your son, will keep him my prayers.
How cool for both grandsons to have ponies! We've dropped from the high 70's to 40's...was sitting here thinking about turning on the heater too...geesh, where did spring go? Take care and have a great day!