Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Weekend

The week and month is almost over and I really don't know where it is gone. We have a lot of activities that you can chose from this weekend. You can attend the airshow with the Blue Angels, go to the Apple Blossom Parade and see the Clydesdale horses, go to the opera at the local college, attend a barbecue cook off, a quilt show, an ice show, a big flea market, that is to just name a few.
I know we want to go to the airshow, but I don't know which day it will be. It depends on whether my son has to work Saturday or not. I know it will be fun and we will see some really neat planes that are going to be on display. We haven't had an air show like this for along time.
Does anybody have any suggestions as what to do for a preschool graduation present? My grandson Matt is having a graduation ceremonies the 20Th of this next month. They have their little caps and gowns to wear. They are going to have a program that if it was anything like their Christmas program it will really be cute. The 5 year old can really be fun to watch.
We only had an eight grade graduation, and high school graduation programs back when I went to school. Now they have more.
I am back working on a baby quilt that I need to finish for a very special little one. He came into this world three months early weighing less then 2 pounds. He is now up to almost three pounds and is really gaining. He is a fighter that is for sure. The latest picture I got to see showed his little arms and legs filling out. I wanted to just get it done and give it to the family, but then if something went wrong would they want that remembering it was for him. Some people are funny that way. I know I have family that had lost a little one at 6 months to crib death and one at birth and they wouldn't for a long time come to the family get together and be around other babies. It has since changed and they have two grandchildren.
Tomorrow is another work day and Friday I have to make a trip to the city for a doctor appointment. It should be more or less routine, but you never know until you get there. Have a wonderful weekend.


Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley,
It sounds like a very busy weekend there. The air show sounds like a lot of fun! We are having one this weekend here where I live. My little grandson is into super heroes so he is always wanting pertaining to them. I always think books are a great gift. I guess that is the schoolteacher coming out in me!! Enjoy the rest of your week and hope all goes well at the doctors. Vicki

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Shirley~girly!
Thanks for stopping by! I like your embroidery too! What a kawinkydink, I work in construction as well! Isn't Donna at Byrnewood wonderful? So talented and so gracious, what a gal!
Have a wonderful evening,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot going on there.
Have a wonderful time....

Sheila said...

Hi there Shirley... Thanks for the suggestion on the kitchen.. I am sad about moving again, not because o dont want to live in that house, because i love that house, but because i don't want to leave here where i am at. It is so wonderful and peacful here... NOw we are keeping this property, just living in the house we could not get sold. I saw your interview on that other bolg, sorry i can't remember which one.. But it was wonderful to read about you and your life of needle work. Thanks for your suggestions on the changes of the cabinet doors, i had thought about doing something in the panels anyway. Hope your doing ok Shirley.. Big huggggggggggggs coming your way... Sheila

The French Bear said...

An air show, how lovely!!! Sounds like things are a bit busy Shirley!!! I love your new blog design, I really want Karen to do mine too!!!
Looks so beautiful, I love your colors, your cards and notes are always such a cheery sight to see!!!
Margaret B

LuLu Kellogg said...

I know that little quilt is going to be beautiful!

I don't know where this month went either. My son is getting married in two weeks and I don't even have a dress to wear to the wedding yet so I will be shopping this weekend!


Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley,
When we lived in the Imperial Valley, of California we never missed the Blue Angels show. They are based there for the winters and we used to drive out to the end of the runway and watch them. Oh! It was so exciting!

I hope all goes well for you this week....I am with Vicki...books are just wonderful for children as I am so afraid someday people will just listen to stories and not read. What a shame that would be, so we just have to encourage reading!

Come take a peek at my blog as I just had Karen do some revamping because I love yours so much!
Happy stitching!!!

Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley...Just wanted to wish you a perfect day!!! It is so nice to have yuo visit!

lori vliegen said... are one busy lady! i hope your weekend is filled with fun and lots of happy moments! :)))

Dolly said...

Hello Miss Shirley, I am laughing because if I don't get my tractor out and cut grass soon I will need a hay bailer too!
I so remember picking dandelions for mum and putting them under a friends chin and telling them they like butter!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Blessings dear friend

Lilacs said...

You have a very beautiful blog, and I am in love with the colors, the lace, and the simplicity but yet so beautiful!

Have a Great Weekend!:)


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Shirley!
It sounds like a very busy but fun weekend! I've seen the Blue Angels, they're just incredible.

Have a wonderful Sunday!