Saturday, April 24, 2010


The rain started Thursday and has continued through the day. I am glad to see it because it has helped my allergies some. I haven't been typing quite as much as usual. Have you ever tried typing when your eyes were watering so much that it gave the appearance of crying when you weren't. It made things a little blurring and hard to read.
It stayed on the cool side, but we managed to escape the hail and severe weather. The lighting made it look like an electrical parade and I shut down several appliances with it sounded so close to the house. We had lighting strike our house several years ago, but it still bothers me to this day at times.
Next weekend is our big Airshow with the Blue Angels, our Apple Blossom Parade with the Clydesdale horses thanks to our Budweiser distributor here in town, they are putting on an Ice Skating show at our ice rink, and I have forgotten what else is going on. It seems like at times they plan everything for the same weekend.
I have several projects that I need to get finished and as quick as I do I will be posting pictures of them. I just need to stay home a little more then I do. My hubby thinks at times we should live in the car. He is home all the time so he wants to go and doesn't seem to understand that there are times that I would just love to stay home.
Have a wonderful weekend. I will try to do a better job about blogging and visiting.


stefanie said...

I know how you feel...I hate know my roses on my fence are six years old, but by two years they were almost that should plant some for a fence.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon....Have a restful weekend!!

Sheila said...

Hello Shirley... I am happy that we dodged the storms again here in our little corner of the state.. We had a lot of rain and some lightning but but thank goodness we did not have high winds here. I am happy that your ok too... It is sad tht you have allergies to plants.. But like you say you can enjoy others.. I have been very busy getting things in order for our move and our nursery as well. I will try hard to keep in touch.. Sheila

The Happy Homemaker said...

We used to have the same problem of one of wants to go,one of us wants to stay home.When my kids were small, before they got so involved,I was ready to hit the door as soon as my husband walked in from work...and he was ready to veg out in front of SportsCenter!I guess I'm trying to say I understand:)You aren't alone.

Melody said...

I know exactly how you feel. Guess we belong to same club...yipee.
I was thinking of you last night when the weather channel said the tornadoes hit St Louis. Wasn't able to type til now. Thank goodness. It's been so dry here they've had fire alerts out..we're over 3" below what we need. You'd think with all that snow..but no.
Went to the car show today and all of a sudden I got welty patches, started coughing, lost my voice, eyes started tearing. It was embaressing they all thought I was either choking to death or crying. I got a Mtn. Dew and that fixed my throat. Now I'm just having a little hard time breathing. Came home and laying down now going through blogland.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shirley! It sounds like you are a busy bee!! I dont like big storms either. I am always worried the power will go out! It rained here all weekend too but now is nice and sunny. I hope it is for you too!
I love the clydesdale horses! They come here in the summer. Oh are they ever beautiful! Have fun!

Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley...
I am just back from almost five months away for the nasty Michigan winter....I received the email from ECS about you. What a wonderful read!

Your blog is just beautiful! I love your header!

I hope you are feeling much better. I take twice a day for my allergies, Singulair, Allegra D and Nasacort. Thank heavens for these medicines or I would be just one big sneeze!

Come say "Hi."
I added your blog to those I follow.

lori vliegen said...

i hope the rain chased your allergies away! i know what you mean about your eyes tearing while you're sitting at the computer....mine do that too!!! enjoy your blue angels this weekend.....i LOVE to watch them!! :))

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Glad to hear the rain has jelped with the allergies. We had sprinkles today and are to have showers tomorrow. Figures I have a 3 hour drive to Sonoma for a meeting. Take care!

Michelle May said...

Hi girlfriend! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog post. Your friendship means the world to me. :)