Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have really been lucky so far and the storms have gone around us. The hail in the area was so heavy that it made it look like it snowed. I know that we went from 84 degrees when I left work to come home to 57 degrees. It is suppose to be in the 30's in the morning as I get ready to go to work.
Today has really been hective at work with everybody wanting to get material before it started to rain. The wind was so strong, I know I thought I needed some anchors to help hold me down so I wouldn't blow over.
The good news is that I won Franklin, that Michelle at The Raspberry Rabbits was giving away. I had told my daughter and daughter-in-law that I would really like to win him because he was so cute. My daughter had her house all decorated for Easter. She had two big bunnies, Mr and Mrs Bunnie that stood by her fireplace. She has already asked if he would fit in with her decorations. I told her that this one stays at my house. Her mother-in-law really decorates with the Easter Egg tree in the front window, and decorations on the porch.
I am a little late in reading blogs and I will be catching up as soon as I can. I have gone back to working on my baby quilt. The little one came early weighing less then two pounds. He is a fighter. He is already breathing on his own, so the prayers that he and his parents have received really helps. He was a little over three months early, but his mommy had a problem. If she has anymore, she will have to have a procedure, because she was fully dilated without knowing it. They can do so many things now.
Tomorrow is off to get my hair done after work. My hair is really fine and doesn't hold a set very good at all unless you really spray it stiff with hair spray and I can't do that without causing my son to have an asthma attack. I was told with a body perm that the set would stay better without all the spray so I am going to try it and see.
Well tomorrow is another working day so I had better call it a day and head to bed . Enjoy the rest of the week.


JoyAnna said...

I enjoy reading all your blog posts very much. They sound so personal and friendly to me, like I could just open my mouth and answer you and we could enjoy a nice conversation together. I think we are about the same age if I remember correctly from the ecs profile so maybe we grew up about the same time. And your pictures are always so pretty.
Brenda from JoyAnna

Melody said...

Hi Shirley..we're getting your storms tonight, so can't stay on too long. Thanks for joining in on Market Monday. Your shop is beautiful as always!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Shirley! The weather here (Long Island) has been crazy also! We totally skipped spring and at 87 degrees yesterday, I think we're into the dead of summer! Hope you had a lovely Easter! Have a fun day, Sweetie!
;) Paulette

Dolly said...

Hi Shirley, I am so sorry to hear that you have osteoperosis.
Thank you for the info, I will definetely get a bone density test next visit to my dr.
My shoulder is still hurting no matter how much medication I take...

Enjoy your weekend,
Hugz, Dolly

P.S. prayers for the new little angel!