Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Almost Thursday

I don't know where the time has gone this week, but it has really flown by. I guess it is because I haven't had the time to read the blogs and leave as many comments as I normally like to do.
I have had a problem with my allergies the last few days to where I have felt really miserable. They were causing me to have an earache and sore throat from the drainage. The one medication just made me want to sleep and I do mean sleep. I couldn't do that and still be the primary care giver to my hubby that I need to be.
We are trying some new medication, which I don't really know if it will work or not. So far, so good, but I haven't taken enough doses yet. We are monitoring it really close as daily conversations with the doctors office.
Both of my younger two grandson's are taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. It is a heated pool so they can't say the water is to cold and it works better with mommies schedules. They would go every day if you would take them, that is how much they like the water. I just want them to learn to swim because they have friends who have swimming pools that they visit.
I haven't been to see either of the boys because of the allergy problem, but we talked on the phone and that helped. It has really been busy at work and I want to be gone for a long weekend this next month so I really have things I need to get done.
It is way past time that I need to be in bed, but I am not sleepy. That could a side effect of the new medication I hope not. I really don't know why I have such a horrible time of finding medications that I can take at times. My kids tell me I am just weird. Leave it to them to make you feel better.
You all have a wonderful rest of the week and the weekend.


The French Bear said...

Shirley, my sweet Missouri friend, I feel for you with those terrible allergies. I am so glad to be back, I really missed you!!!
Margaret B

Melody said...

Hi Shirley,
I wish you felt better. I had to go off all the newer alergy meds..I went into pnuemonia. I take Lodrane now, but only when I feel I'm swelling or getting like an asthama attack. It caused by mold mildew and fungus. They know that for sure now after some tests.
I don't know what's worse getting the attack or this feeling of a heaviness all the time an itchy mouth and throat with burning and red welty itchy blotches, eyes that feel like the bug out! And, like you said tired all the time.
I worried it was lack of oxygen...he laughed and said nope. SHowed me I was getting 99 0/0 ox. It's draggin this hurt leg around and the Blood preasure meds. I haven't even been able to see right to embroider.
Well, it's goin on 11 I better be gettin to bed. Gotta get up early do prom corsages.
Talk to ya later,

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Shirley,
I understand completely about the allergy thing. We had so much rain this spring that everything is blooming 10 times as much!!!! I hope you feel better soon. It was nice to see you came over for a visit. Have a great weekend!

Valentine Design
My Desert Cottage

TinyBear said...

Hi Shirley
It´s no fun with that allergy of yours. I hope you feel better soon.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
xo Tina

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I sure hope you get to feeling better. Allergy meds either knock me out or keep me awake. Thank goodness I don't have much trouble with them. Hoping the new meds work for you. I know how miserable they can be.
Thanks for entering my giveaway!
Have a great weekend and feel better!

Lynn said...

Hi Shirley, I am trying to catch up on blog visits too, life is just zooming by lately. Thank you for the congrat's, I do hope you are feeling better for the weekend, I have a bit of allergies going on this time of year too and it's no fun.
I adore your new blog design, isn't Karen just great at it? I really need a new look too, it's been so very long since I did.
Happy Weekend,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi My Friend,
Oh I am so sorry you are having a time with the allergies. I have too, but we had a good bit of rain and that has washed a lot of the pollen away which really helps.
So glad the GK are in swim lessons. Keeps them busy and learning to swim is a good thing.

Hope you feel better soon and till then have a great weekend.
Thank you for stopping by. Always great to see you.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley, my dear Missouri friend. I hope you find something soon that will work for your allergies. I think this spring has been an especially bad time for allergies. I, too, want my grandchildren to learn to swim, so very important! Have a blessed and happy weekend! Love to you~Vicki (your Texas gal neighbor almost)