Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flooding in Parts of the City

 Flooding has officially hit some of areas of our city. They think that it has peaked, but they don't really know. We have several area roads closed so the fun is getting around. Especially if you aren't familiar with the area.
People wanting to see the flood waters have been causing some problems with people trying to get out. Our casino parking lot is flooded and the picture later in my post shows vehicles that were still on the parking lot. Believe it or not our Nature Center Museum is also located in the same area. I am curious where the water is because they said that it would not flood. I think that it will.
Parts of the city lost electricity early Monday morning when the storm came through that gave us several more inches of water.
The Platte River and Third Fork east of the city is both out of there banks. I just wish we could pipe it to some of the areas that need the water so very bad. We would be more then happy to share with you.
The next picture was taken at the Casino which is on the river. It shows a couple of vehicles how high the flood waters has gotten. We have one at work who lives where he could flood. So far, the levee is holding. Some of the homes have so much flood water that I don't know if they will be salvageable when the water goes down or not. It just makes you sick because it isn't caused by Mother Nature. They have opened a Red Cross emergency shelter at one of the high school.
The last picture is of my latest set of pillowcases. I have listed them in my etsy shop.
We went to a t-ball game earlier this evening in the small town of Cosby, Missouri. They have a nice park and it was really nice sitting there watching the game. We watched part of an earlier game while we were waiting for ours to start. It is the next level up.

It is getting late and morning will come quick enough. Someone is shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood. They have been shooting off since Sunday Evening. Have a great week.


Marilyn said...

Many years ago we were flooded by the Susquehanna river in Pa. & I remember the people who came to "look". I was so hurt to think that they had to watch our misery for their entertainment. To this day I will not go see a disaster of any kind ! !
Stay safe & my prayers are with you always!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG! Stay safe. Will be praying all goes well.

Thank you for your sweet comments.

The French Bear said...

Oh my I do hope your home is safe...I have been through a major flood and it is not fun. My hearts go out to those who are!
Love your pretty stitching!!! I am in a slump right now, I think it is just the weather, so much rain and then too much heat, I prefer the coolness of the rainy days but not how crabby it makes everyone!!!
Margaret B

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, wow. Your pictures really capture how high the water is, Shirley. Be careful. I hope it won't affect your home.

I love your pretty pillowcases. I have a set that I haven't started on. Once the newness of summer clams down, I'll pick up my needle.

We have heard some fireworks, too. Some people can't wait!!!


Cinderella Moments said...

Flooding is so nasty. It leaves such a dirty mess behind and you never know what is in that water. I hope you stay safe Shirley.
Your pillow cases are marvelous! Have a fantastic 4th!