Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You can tell that is the summer is quickly approaching with the way that the temperature is going up during the day and cooling off in the evening. We just have not had a spring this year, maybe they were right about only having two seasons instead of the usual four seasons. Only time will tell that and what the outcome will be in the next few days of how bad the flood will be. We just want everybody to pray maybe the sand bagging and the levee's will hold.  I thought I would share a few more pictures from the birthday party last Saturday evening. The cobbler was very yummy  with the ice cream on top. the next picture that you see is of the birthday boy, Jacob and his best friend Andrew. He lives up the road from them and they both go to the same school. They both ride thesame bus. One of the things that Jacob got for his birthday was a rifle to go deer hunting this fall. It is one that he can grow with to learn that it is not an automatic. He will take the hunter safety course because of his age. He is excited. Of course his dad and uncle tried it out, plus letting him try to hit the target. It will take practice. Andrew told him anything that he didn't want for his birthday, he would be happy to take. They are so funny. They are both very helpful in carrying things for you or getting you something. Ethan was getting his ride. You can tell he is so excited by the expression on his face. He will 6 in August, but you take him for older because of his size. He loves going to summer school and doesn't want it to come to an end. I am so glad that he likes it. He will be in kindergarten this fall and go all day. His other grandparents will take him and pick him up. It will be different for them because preschool was only a half a day. Ethan's mom had to take her turn on riding too. It  had been quite a while since she had rode a horse, but as the saying goes once you learn, you don't forget. Her nephew wearing the yellow shirt is as tall as she is and they can switch shoes. She wore his boots while she rode and he wore her flip flops.
Her husband works where there is the possibility of it flooding. If it does, he said they were told it would be two months at least before they could go back. They were suppose to move the trucks to higher ground. He said that he has some other things that he can do during that time that they will be o.k. You can't worry about it because you can get ulcers.
It's official our oldest has met all of the requirements to officially have graduated from college. His diploma is suppose to come in a couple of weeks. I can officially say I have three college graduates.
This is not the post I tried earlier to do because I couldn't get to edit like I needed. It was frustrating. I hope you enjoy this one better then the first. I have been a little busy lately and I am trying to catch up with you all. Have a great weekend and stay cool.  


Jacqueline said...

Good morning from Washington Shirley. Auntie Jacqueline has arrived and once again, I have loved reading your blog. It's very personal and fun and down to earth.

I'm blogging today on my new shopping mall I found in a old milking barn. That is down to earth blogging too, wouldn't you say?

Praying for all of you in the midst of the floods and weather chaos.
Keep peace in your heart and congrats to your son and his degree. Awesome!!!

Marilyn said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!! Praying for you & everyone affected by the flooding!!