Saturday, June 4, 2011


 I don't usually get fresh flowers, but I did and I wanted to share a picture with you. They were so very pretty and lasted several days.
We had a very busy day and  it turned off hot. We had a nice breeze this morning, but after the shower which didn't last long, it turned off very hot and muggy.
Hubby made it through this morning at the horse show and the t-ball game, but came home after that. Our son John and I went back to the horse show because Jacob was showing and Matt was going to attempt his first time in the arena all by himself with his pony.
We got back in time to watch Jacob in his second class. He got 5th with Cleo and this was his first time showing her. He also showed her in the halter class which had 15 horses. It was a good experience for him.
 Matt was taking a breather waiting for the others to take their places on the field. They don't keep score at the game like we use to do. They just let each team bat so many times. They think they are to young to learn what it is to win and lose. I don't know what age they think it is alright  for that.
He didn't get to show his pony Baby Sis. He almost got thrown when they were warming up and daddy being the protective dad that he is would not allow him to show. I told him that he need to practice some more and we would come to watch him. He had been riding in the round pen at home which is smaller then the arena. He was going to try to do the pee wee barrels. He did get his pony to trot which made him happy with daddy riding beside him hold onto a rope.
He is only six , but he thinks he is big cheese.
The last picture is of Jacob and Cleo in the halter class. He looked really handsome in his new shirt. Have you ever tried to find a long sleeve shirt in June? He picked it out himself.
Dad said that he was going to have to find another horse so he could ride too.
Jacob was glad when each class was over and he could take his shirt off and cool off. I felt so sorry for them out in the son, because it was hot even in the shade.
Next weekend we will celebrate his 12th birthday. He will have this summer he can compete at that age and then he will have to move up to an older age bracket. When he rode her, and placed 5th, the smile was on his face. Most of the classes were large this time because a couple of the shows got rained out and some of them ride for points. Jacob doesn't because you have to go all over and they want him to stay closer to home until he gets more experience. Well take care. Have a great Sunday and stay cool.


Cinderella Moments said...

Are you going to plan a fun party? 12 is quite an age for a little boy. Enjoy!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Shirley!
That's wonderful that your husband was able to at least see some of your grandson's activities. Congratulations to your one grandson for placing...good for him!!! That's too bad about the one horse acting up but at least he can chalk it up to experience. I bet it was wonderful watching them both...too bad it was so hot though. It's been hot and muggy the last few days here too but we were out in it ..hubby was painting the last coat (we hope) of yellow and I mowed. By the time I was done I looked like a raccoon I was covered with so much dirt!! Thanks for sharing the photo's and filling us in on your day. Have a wonderful Sunday!
Maura :)

Mumsy and Company said...

Beautiful flowers. So glad you had a fun Saturday and your husband was able to enjoy part of it. Congratulations to Jacob and Cleo for placing 5th, that is a very good start. Hugs

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Shirley,
I am glad your hubby was up to watching a couple of events! It must have been wonderful for him and the family! I know your grandson was excited about placing so well even tho it was hot an muggy! Typical midwest weather!
Lets hope the Missouri does not flood too badly! This year has seen a lot of destruction and sadness and enough is enough!
Keep well and cool.
Your Etsy shop looks wonderful!
Hugs and Smiles,

The French Bear said...

Sounds like everyone had a grand time! I am so glad you are okay and how nice for you to get flowers, they just make your day don't they? I love getting flowers!
With all the the news about bad weather, I worry about you...such sadness and devastation.......
Your boys look like they had a great time, it is nice to see them do so well, and it means everything to them to have come and watch!!!!
Margaret B