Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nice Weekend except for rain

The weekend has been different then we had originally planned and maybe it was for the best. We had over an inch of rain yesterday and we are in a severe thunderstorm watch tonight until 1 A.M. in the morning. We have had our Senator, our house of representative, and our governor all here this weekend looking at the flood damage in Northwest Missouri.
It is really bad and it just isn't our state that is effected, and to top it all off there is a letter from the corp of engineers talking about wanting land to increase the wet lands for the environmental protection of the sturgeons. When does wild life come  before people. Somebody definitely has their priorities screwed up
 Dad and brother warming up the horses before the show started. You can definitely see how long my oldest grandson legs are with him on brothers pony. Of course he handles the teasing that everybody gives him. Mom is in the background with the sunglasses. It was a beautiful evening with a nice breeze. It got cool enough that I put my sweater on before we left.

Brother is waiting on his pony and is ready to ride. He is standing on the 55 gallon drums that they used for the barrels. He entered two events. The first was called down and back. He rode Baby Sis down and around the barrel. The second event was the clover leaf barrel race. Of course, little ones don't get to go that fast yet, but he would if you would let him. He is my daredevil and not afraid. He fell off his pony last year and that didn't bother him at all.

Here he is riding his pony all by himself. He told his mom that she had to have her tail trim before he rode, He came away with two blue ribbons and was really proud of himself.
Saturday was spent at home except when we went for  a drive in the afternoon after the rain let up. It really poured. We got home from breakfast just as it was starting.
We could see it coming out the window. It got dark enough that the street lights came on.
We was suppose to have another show today, but the arena was to wet from all of the rain that we got yesterday and they were forecasting storms so they cancelled it to next month. They didn't want anyone or horses getting hurt.
Today other then going to Wal-Mart for a few things I have been home. I finished up a custom order for a wedding present. I really like them. I will have to get permission so that I can show them to you all. I have another order that I am working on for a bridal shower. It is fun knowing that you are part of their big day. My niece is getting married in September so I will have to decide what I am doing for her to do yet.  I didn't even have to fix supper because our son did the cooking tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Try to stay dry and safe.


LuLu Kellogg said...

We are getting rain here today and we need it because everything is dying here. I hope you don't get anymore rain for quite a while.

I loved seeing the picture of your family!


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Shirley! Can you send some of that rain my way?? We could REALLY use it!!
I hope it let's up for you. It was nice to have you over for a visit. It is always a pleasure to hear from you:)
take care!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Thanks so much Shirley for your lovely comments on my bypass. It means the WORLD to me!

Love always,

Lynn said...

Hi sweet Shirley :)
Thank you for visiting, I think we all have less time for blogging in the summer, I know I do, but it's nice we can still keep in touch.
Your grandsons are so handsome, and I know how proud you are, they are lucky to have you as a Grandma.
Enjoy your summer,Lynn

Jillayne said...

Sounds like you had quite the weekend in spite of all the rain - and so did your grandson - two blue ribbons!!
And it was all topped off by your son making dinner - how great is that!?!
We have been getting loads of rain as well - the grass squishes when you walk all the time. Some plants love it and some don't but I wish the sun would shine just a little more!
Hope you have a great week Shirley!