Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Weather and its Only June

 It is only June, but you would swear that it is July and August weather as hot as it has been lately. I  know that I come home with headaches from being in and out of the air-condition all day at work. 
The river is getting higher and they are preparing for the higher waters to keep from having what we had in 1993. The worse problem is that part of it is because they are releasing water from the dams. They could have done it sooner when the river was lower.
This year has been very different from the floods, tornadoes, snow storms , I think we have just about had it all. They are saying we had an earthquake on the Eastern side of the state. You wonder what next. Mother Nature hasn't been choosy where she has struck this year.  
This is one of my decorative pot holders. It is strictly for hanging on the wall for decoration. They are fun to do and don't take that long to do one.
I got my tea towels today so I can try the new sticky fabric that you can print your pattern on and. peel the paper and stick it to your tea towel and embroidery. It sure sounds simple and easy. I am anxious to try it and if it works like they say it will open a new door for some designs that I want to try. I have been busy, but tonight is "Me" time. I am spending time visiting here in blog land. Tonight everything has been cooperating, It is amazing at times.

Being Matt didn't get to show his pony , daddy was leading him on Cleo. His Uncle John was standing there beside him. He would come and sit with him during the horse show which made it easier to keep track of him.
This weekend we only have a morning t-ball game and then the birthday party in the afternoon. I will post pictures of what I got my grandson after the party because he looks at grandma's blog to see what I am talking about.
It  is clouding up maybe we are going to get a shower. In a way I would like it  to cool it off and settle the dust. I got my car washed, but you can't tell it.  Have a safe and hope full cool rest of the week.


LadyV said...

Hey Shirley, hope you're keeping cool in this steambath weather. We're supposed to reach 100 tomorrow...Love the potholder. I have a few to stitch up too. I always have a couple hanging for decoration but I admit, I will grab them and use them in a pinch.

The printable fabric sounds interesting. I'll be back to see how it turns out.



Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Shirley!
Your potholder is just beautiful! The colors are my favorite.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Anonymous said...

We are having the same kind of hot weather here. It has been around or at a 100 every day for ever since Memorial Day weekend.

That potholder is so pretty.

Stay safe with all that water and keep cool as you can. Hugs

Carol at Serendipity said...


The weather has certainly been difficult this year.

I love your stitching. I am unpacking my knitting now and look forward to some quiet time looking at the lake with the needles clicking away.


Anonymous said...

Sure does make you wonder what is coming next. We have had so many tonados near here this year it is getting pretty scary! We live in the mountains & that was unheard of!!
Take care & stay safe!!

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Shirley, thanks for the lovely comments you left for me on my blog! Goodness, you get a lot of stitching done! Love your shamrock tablerunner!!! I'm quite fond of St. Patrick's Day! Must be the Irish in me.