Thursday, April 19, 2012


Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have big plans for your weekend? How did your week go?
I am glad that there is only one day left this week. It has been very trying and I have bit my tongue more then once to keep from saying what I thought. I don't like being asked for an opinion and then get told to just go away that  I don't know what I am talking about. Don't ask me for an opinion if you don't want it.
My weekend is going to include some shopping for some new shoes for both hubby and I. I want something to wear beside sneakers that is durable. I just want something different to wear to work for a change that has a good arch support. Hubby has to have his diabetic shoes. I don't know where we will find those. The store closed that we bought his last pair at.
I would like to find some different kind of slack that is not dressy, but different from the usual jean. Something that I won't get asked where I am going because of the way I am dressed.
Tomorrow night if it don't rain my youngest grandson is suppose to have his first t-ball game. They were to have practice tonight. It has been about the only one that they have had. The coach couldn't be at one practice so he just cancelled. Needless to say there were parents that could have worked with the kids even with him gone. That is the way that they did with Matt last year.
The first Saturday in May is the first horse show which is really not that far away. Where is the time going? It sure is flying. We go Monday for another doctor visit so I guess you could say I am going to have a three day weekend.
I got my new lenses today. It does make a difference from what I was wearing. I was even able to read without getting out the magnifying glass  the fine print on a medicine bottle. Hooray for me.
Well it is time to hit the sack as the saying goes  I got to work tomorrow. Have a good weekend.


bj said...

Thanks so much for coming by....

Hope you found some new shoes. I need some more summer shoes, too.

Debby said...

Good luck on the shopping.
I ove Lands End sport pants. That's ll I wear, I like the material they are made of and they fit.
Shoes, I am a Crocs person. I just ordered some that were not as bulky looking. They have all kinds of them now.....maybe not enough support.
Hope you can enjoy your three days off.

Vicki said...

Yes, Shirley, I am always ready for the weekend!!! I am glad your new lenses are working for you and good luck on your shoe shopping! I know you will enjoy your grandchildren's activities, too. Sending love to you, sweet friend~Vicki

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the's nice that the hubby doesn't have to work, I like his company!

I agree with Debby's comment that Croc's are great shoes and Land's End makes some great, comfortable slacks. I like capri's in the summer and I live in flip flops. I even wear the fancier ones with jewels and sparkles on them if I am dressing up a bit. I have a lot of online shops I go to because I like the sizes.

You might be able to Google Shoes For Diabetics and find a local store to get your husbands shoes...or Google the brand he is wearing and see if you can order them.

I hope you have a great weekend, Shirley!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi dear friend I am glad your new lenses are making life easier for you.
I hope you found just the right shoes and pants you needed. Shopping some times is an ordeal.
My weekend was busy with my brothers birthday party but it was worth it seeing how happy it made him.
Hope your doctor visits goes well.
Try not to be too busy this week
Sending you love from Texas