Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Why are decisions so hard to make when they affect oneself? I had my eye exam for a second opinion. I knew I had cataracts on both eyes but was told not to worry by my eye doctor here that I still had time before I needed to make the decision. I had started to notice some changes that I knew needed to be checked out. My primary referred me to a new eye doctor for another  opinion. I wanted to know exactly what was happening or at least that is what I thought. Being the primary caregiver I knew I had to find out. Well I was given two options. I could try some new lenses or have surgery. After much thought, I elected to try new lenses that would get us through all of his doctor  appointments that we have scheduled at the present time. I have to go back in 4 months and if the new glasses haven't helped then I have no more options. I am not use to having to be dependent on someone else  help for a long time but if surgery is necessary then I will need a driver for a couple of days. I will check into new lens this weekend. My insurance won't pay for them because I just got new ones last September. They only pay for one a year. I am sure glad I am getting a refund on our income taxes.  Of course you ask all the questions, how long will I be off work, how long before I can drive again. and etc. It was the first time of being shown a comparison of where my eye sight was with my current glasses and where it is now. There is a big difference in the left eye. When you are a primary care giver you have the tendency to put yourself on the back burner.and others first.
His doctor appointments have gone fairly well. We will be going a little more often so that they can keep tabs on what is going on better and hopefully keep him out of the hospital. They think he will do better if we can get his blood counts, and everything that goes with it up. The only way to do that is iron infusions. They may have to be every month for a while. We will find out on the 23rd.
Frost is possibly coming tonight . We are to get down in the 30's. Well it is back to work tomorrow so I probably better head to bed. You all have a good day and take care.


romance-of-roses said...

Oh dear Shirley, if it isn't one thing it's another, right? Know what you mean when we are the primary caretakers we have to really take care of ourselves. My father-in-law had the eye surgery and was out for only two weeks, of course one eye at a time only. Hope the new lenses work for you, will keep you both in my prayers. Blessings your friend, Lu

LuLu Kellogg said...

You are right....caregivers always put themselves on the back burner so I am glad you are trying to take care of your eyes my friend.

I am keeping your husband in my prayers!


Debby said...

I would put it on the back burner as well BUT not for long. I think they have to be at the right timing. I think you can drive pretty much right away.....but if you do one at a time.
Good luck with all your Hubby's appointments.

Cinderella Moments said...

My dad had the cataract surgery. We were all so jealous! He could see perfectly afterwards with no glasses! I have had contact lenses since I was 14. So no more eye problems sound so tempting.My dad just couldn't drive to or from the surgery. But after that they give you glasses for the light sensitivity and he was off driving no problem. I think when you do finally get the surgery you'll be relieved.

vicki said...

Hi sweet Shirley- I'm so sorry to hear tgat you are having problems with your eyes--- ahh - the dreaded cataracts. Yes my friend- I'm sure that you have been putting your needs last- and of course I understand. I hope things get better with your new glasses and that you won't need the surgery-- fingers crossed- ---

I'm glad your husband is somewhat more stable right now-- you have certainly had such ups and downs with him.

I'm sending love-