Thursday, April 26, 2012


Is the week over yet? It has been a heck of a week and I would love to have it over and done with. We didn't get the answers we were hoping for Monday. They still can't tell us what caused hubby problem that put him in the hospital except that it wasn't his heart or else they don't want to. I was about ready to fire the doctor. I am just frustrated at the moment.
Then to make matter worse I had a box of checks get lost or something happen and the box that I did get were weird the way that they were packed. So I had to go to the bank and close the bank account and open new one  they were going to make sure that nothing got sent back and they would take care of everything. We got the social security office taken care of because we have direct deposits. They printed me two boxes of checks and gave them to me to bring home. I have banked there and always ordered them by mail for over 50 years. My parents started me when I was in college and we stayed there when my hubby and I got married all those many moons ago. I still have some other changes yet to make, but I can handle that.
We had a e-mail from our son and he is going to be going to Jacksonville, Florida to work for the same company he is working for in Louisiana. He will be seeing more of the US. They are international so who knows where he might go.
I wouldn't mind coming to Florida to visit him. I don't really care for the driving in Louisiana especially 6 lanes of traffic. I don't care for all of the causeways that you have to cross. You can tell that I like land better then water. We went to New Orleans a long time ago on vacation. I did care for it back then and it is worse now.
If I figure out bloggers change, I might get to add some new family pictures. Are you have problems too? I just need more time then I have at the moment. If I don't get enough done so I can send statements on Monday. I may work for awhile on Saturday. Have a great weekend.


Marydon said...

Hope hubby gets better quickly, Shirley.
Sorry about all the check mess, that is very frustrating for sure.

No, I do not like the new blogger format at all.

Have a beautiful eve ~

NanaDiana said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad week, Shirley...from the doctor to the checks. How awful.

I am still using the old format and dreading the change. I don't do well with computer stuff at all! xo Diana

sweet violets said...

Shirley, do something nice for yourself, hot cup of tea, nice long hot bath, get a haircut, pecicure......I don't know how you do all that you do without losing it !!!! You handle it all so well.....and yes, I am struggling with the new blogger and am so computer challanged anyway, it makes me nuts I tell ya !!! hugs...cleo

sweet violets said...

that's "pedicure" and get a manicure too!!!!

My Vintage Studio said...

Sorry to read that your week was a bad one.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
XO Sharon

Michelle May said...

Sounds like a awful week. Sending light and love that your weekend will be better.

bj said...

So sorry you had a troublesome week...some are like that for me, too. Everyone has them. Hoping this coming one is much better for you.
I hope your hubby is feeling better.

I switched back to the old Blogger...the new is scaring the p out of me. I know I need to get used to it tho...our old will vanish one morning and I will have to quit blogging...:(