Monday, April 2, 2012

Plans for Easter

Plans are made partially for the weekend, but not all the way as of yet. I just hope it is cooler then it was today. 90 degrees and this is only the 2nd of April. We didn't have air-conditioning and needless to say my office was a little warm. We  have had our air-conditioning on for a few days here at home. It is very necessary right now for health reasons. 
The family will be together Saturday afternoon and evening for our Easter celebration so that the kids can go to the other sides of the house. Dad and I will have a quiet Easter which will probably be needed after watching the boys. They can wear us out especially the younger two. We have doctor appointments Monday and Tuesday of next week so we will be on the road. 
I don't know for sure what the menu is going to be yet. The girls, my daughter and daughter-in-law are handling the menu. I am to take a veggie tray which I usually do. I have request from the boys for cauliflower and broccoli.  I am glad that they like raw veggies. Of course, you have to have dip to eat with them. 
I know Angie asked dad if he liked Lemon Meringue or Coconut cream pie. Her mother-in-law loves to bake and she is teaching her to make a Lemon  meringue . I could never make those with the actual meringue. I always used dream whip. 
The boys are getting excited about showing their horses. The first show is a little over a month away. Matt is going to take some riding lessons. He is excited because before he was always to young to do this or that. His riding instructor has him and a little girl the same age that she will be working with. They are called M and M. Matt and Morgan. They are alike in a lot of ways. I was told the only difference in the personality is that one is a boy and the other is a girl. It will be fun to watch. 
They are out of school starting Wednesday at noon for Easter break. I will be dropping in as much as possible, but I will be a little busy this month. I am sure you understand. Keep us in your prayers. Have a great Easter if I don't manage to drop by.


Marilyn said...

Easter will be spent just DH & Me.... Oh yeah... & our Boyz!! We decided to have a turkey breast instead of ham. Besides The Boyz love turkey!! LOL!!
Have a Great Week!!

NanaDiana said...

It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful, but busy, Easter. How wonderful that you can get together with your family. I hope that your Dr. appts all go well.

It will be fun to hear about the horse show. xo Diana

Char said...

You Easter weekend sounds just like mine Sweet one....very busy with lots of activities going on. Some how I wonder how we do it all, but when it's over, we can look back and say, that was the best.
You just can't beat being with family and all the love and joy.
I hope you have a joyous holiday, relax if you can and just be together.
I will be thinking of you on Monday and hope everything is alright,

bj said...

Thanks so much for your visit...
Have a wonderful Easter.
xo bj

Debby said...

Have a wondeful Easter.
It will be fun watching your boys on those horses.

LadyV said...

Have a blessed Easter Shirley. Enjoy your grandchildren and all the joy that the day will bring.



romance-of-roses said...

Shirley, Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter with all of your family. We will be doing the same, it's a family day. I never have to cook anymore, my granddaughter takes care of that. Finally a day off, you know how hectic things are with our husbands. Good wishes going your way with the doctor appointments. Hugs...Lu