Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

How did you spend your day? Some spend it with family, we had our Easter yesterday late afternoon and evening yesterday so they could spend today with the other grandparents.
Age doesn't matter when it comes to hunting Easter Eggs, but it makes it a little harder when you have to hide them in the house. We had rain yesterday and it never did really warm up that much but the boys had fun anyway even the older kids.
My daughter has gotten a new dining room table which with the leaves it goes out to 108 inches. We all set at the table for a change. She had been looking and finally found one at Nebraska Furniture. They are gradually getting the house to look the way they want. She hasn't found her new storm door for the front door yet. She wants to be sure that she really likes it before she parts with the money. .
Of course, we all talked to our son in Louisiana being he couldn't make it home even for a short trip. He has been really busy worked 10 1/2 hours Thursday and 15 1/2 Friday. He doesn't mind. He is just glad that he has a job. He is gradually furnishing his apartment. He moved into an apartment so that he could control what it is cleaned with. He always looks forward to those phone calls. I never know what his nephews talked about. I know that his Oldest and him talked about the  new gun he got for 4-h because he thinks that he wants to learn to shoot well enough that he can maybe compete in competitions.
We didn't have the traditional ham for our dinner. We had barbecue pork. a new potato dish, that the potatoes were sliced  long way in strips. They  had spices on them baked in the oven. Cheese was added when they were just about done, hot rolls, green beans, of course mac and cheese for the boys, raw veggies, brownies, lemon pie, and cheese cake pie with either cherry or blueberry topping. The cheese cake pie was made by my oldest grandson with instructions from mom.
She is really a good cook. I enjoy them because mom only has to take the veggie tray and the girls do the rest. Even my son and son-in-law get into the cooking.
We were a little tired watching the kids, but we had so much fun. I was a little disappointed because my pictures didn't turn out for some reason.
Today we slept in a while had brunch and then looked at all of the pretty flowers. Everything is so far ahead of schedule. We are suppose to turn off cold this week I hope it doesn't frost. Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Mine with be short at work with a couple of doctor appointments to get through. We just take every day we are given. Take care


NanaDiana said...

Shirley-It sounds like you had a wonderful (maybe a bit tiring) day with your family. It is fun to see the young ones during these special Holidays, isn't it?

It sounds like your d's new table is just beautiful. I like when everyone can sit at the same table. I hope your Dr. appts go well this week- xo Diana

Debby said...

You sound like you had fun with your family. We celebrate with the ones that live here and send things to the grandkids that aren't here and talk by phone.
We had a wonderful day. The weather has been beautiful but we ae headed for lower temps this week.
Hope tomorrow goes well for you.

Cinderella Moments said...

That sounds like a great weekend Except for the rain. It rained here all day. Every year it's the same rainy weather. We had barbeque too. And it was lots of fun. Happy Easter sweet Shirley! Have a great week too.

Lynn said...

Hi Shirley!
Thanks for visiting my blog. We had a quiet day around here. No family around. Son off on his motorcycle trip to June Lake and daughter (she's an RN) working.
Grandies in Southern CA. We had a good day together anyway!
Sometimes quiet is good.
Take care.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sweet MO friend. Thought of you today wondering what you were doing for Easter. Sounds like you had a sweet one like I did. We too celebrated yesterday.
Sorry your weather did not cooperate like ours did for a change.
I always love hearing about you and your family. Your son in La sure stays busy but that is good since he is away from you guys.
Sending you Easter Blessings and much love from your Texas friend

Carol at Serendipity said...

It sounds like you had a good day with some wonderful food. We celebrated Easter on Saturday with friends and on Sunday just had a quiet day. This time of year is full of memories of my parents. We had jelly beans hidden around the house, a basket with a lovely chocolate bunny, and a little present. Then off to church we would go. Dinner would be at our house or my grandmother's. A lovely day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ana said...

Hey Ms. Shirley,
Thank you for your Easter wishes. Sounds like you and your family had a busy one, but a good one...well, with the exception of the rain. Hope the weather clears up soon and you enjoy beautiful, sunny Spring days soon. Wishing you a wonderful new week.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sharon said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. It sounds like you too had a wonderful Easter. Sorry about the rain but it still can be fun hunting for those eggs inside. I think we all have had very strange weather this year.

vicki said...

Shirley - I'm glad you had some special times with family on Easter-- but it can make for a busy day!! You are right- every day is a blessing--