Monday, April 16, 2012


First let me say my heart goes out to all of you who suffered from the tornadoes and bad weather this past weekend. It was something else. They say ours was straight line wind, but when does straight line wind twist trees when it breaks off branches.
We had sun on Sunday but was really windy. 
Do any of you have a suggestion as to what to do with empty plastic pill bottles? I am getting a collection and I really don"t know what to do with them?.
I had to take time to watch Dancing with the Stars. They have so many good ones this season, that it is going to be hard to tell who is going to win. 
I am looking for a border to put on my tea towels. I thought about using fat quarters in different patterns, I don't want to put lace because I want whoever to feel comfortable using them. I got my tractor pillow case done except for putting a border on it for that special little one. It turned out really cute. I have so many things I want to get done, but not enough hours. I got to rip out a color on the project I am working on. I put the wrong color in so I have decided to  quit for a while. Trust me the only way I can get it out is to cut it out and I wasn't in the mood. I can only read so long until my left eye starts to blur. I ordered my new lenses on Saturday. Hopefully that will buy me the time that I need before having surgery.
 We were out to our son's yesterday and I was hunting my grandson. I asked his mom where he was at. He wasn't in his tent, under the bed, she showed me another of his hiding places under the bathroom sink in the cabinet. He put some things that he wants to play with that he doesn't want his brother to know where they are at. He says he won't look there. He is something else. He wanted quiet time so he crawled into his secret hiding place. 
We had a few more sprinkles this evening. The river is going to flood in some of the low lying areas or so they said. They are still releasing water to the north of us. That is what caused our problem last summer.  I don't really think the Corp of Engineers, and the government know what they are doing. I will be glad when the election is over with period. 
Has anybody else had the problem when  they go to some one's blog it keeps coming back to where you think you may have a virus or is that just blogger acting up. You all have a good week  


Cinderella Moments said...

We were suppose to get that huge storm here in north Texas. But as it got close the humongous storms fell apart. It was so weird. They had all the emergency contingencies ready for major damage. But nothing came. Isn't that always how it is. When you prepare nothing happens. It's those surprise storms that are the worse.
Be good Shirley! I know you are speeding all over the roads up there with that hot new car! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the storm damage & praying for all in their paths & so grateful not to have them here!!
I just throw the pill bottles out. I never looked at them as anything but garbage!! LOL!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Lynn said...

Helloooo Shirley, so nice to see you again, even if not in person :)
Sorry about your crazy weather, I am over in Ontario, Canada and we had the worst winds yesterday. The weather here has been absolutely weird from hot to cold, which drives me crazy.
I use empty pill bottles to keep seeds from my flowers in, and I have some sewing and darning needles in one. Can't think of what else right now.

momto8 said...

my son uses the pill bottles to store his coin collection.
that is funny about your sons secret hiding place!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
wishing you sunny days!!