Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoyable Sunday

 I have spent today after getting home from breakfast and hubby's car ride doing whatever I have wanted to do. It is rather nice to be home for a change. In my first picture, I want you to meet M and M. Matt and Morgan. They are such cuties and you never know what you are going to get told.They are the pair that I told you about in an earlier post. They are so much alike. He was cleaning his room with momma's help today so that he could put up his display board of his ribbons. This is where he got first and she got second. Her horse is a little smaller then Cleo, but not much.
 The second picture is so much better then the one that I took of Jake and Fergie. They make a good combination. He and his partner won the ribbon race. I have seen pictures, but I don't have them yet. Proud dad only took over 200 pictures last week. The last picture shows Matt and how he is suppose to do his hand when he is riding. They both enjoy doing it and I enjoy watching. Matt and Jake both did what they call trail ride where they have to cross like a bridge, back through barrels, and other things.
I have been working on my tea for two table topper. I have worked on first one thing then another. I am not use to being home. If not at work, then I am usually taking hubby for a drive. I still haven't figured out why he agreed so easily for us to stay home. Of course over 90 degree weather might possible have something to do with it. 
With the way the weather turned out, I am so glad we didn't go to Branson. I toyed with the idea, but decided it would be constant lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car. Then I wanted to watch the boys, but that was cancelled. I told him we needed to wait until the fall of the year. Maybe we will have more answers and I will feel more at ease with traveling. 
 Hope you all are having a good day. I am off to visit my friends.


Sharon said...

You certainly are having the heat. I put out the hummingbird feeders this morning only to be hit in the head by one of the little hummers. I think he was telling me it's about time. They sure found both feeders right away so I sat on our deck with my tea and watched for about an hour. Then it was back to weeding. Hope your weather cools off for you.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your Matt is a talented little guy...I bet he has many ribbons to put on his board. Beautiful hose, too!

I am catching up on my blogging today as the house is finally squeaky clean and it is tooooo hot to go outside. I hope you are enjoying your quiet Sunday! :)


NanaDiana said...

Love those kid pictures...what a wonderful hobby for kids! The horse is great, too.

I am glad you decided not to go to Branson...I think the heat might have done you in. It will be good to get some answers about your hubby. I hope you get some soon.

It is great that you had a day to do things you love to do and didn't have to work-or drive around all day- xo Diana

Marydon said...

Lovely pics of the horses & children. They are so fortunate to have the opportunity to ride these beauties.

We are having the same heat & high humidity here ... feels like July!

Please pray for those that are serving our country & those that have gone before us.

Happy holiday weekend ~

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I think you made a wise decision staying close to home. It is so hot and humid her I have been close to the AC a lot this weekend myself.
Mowing will have to get done maybe Tuesday. lol
Your pics of the grand babies are priceless. Love that they compete on their horses.
Hope you get some good results soon.
Take care my Mo friend
With love from your Tx friend

Cinderella Moments said...

Fantastic pictures! That looks like so much fun.
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed a little time off at home.
We never put off any trips. It's my mother's rule. She always says you never know life can change in a blink of an eye and you might miss your chance at making important memories. So even if I'm not in the mood I always get dragged on trips. I'm one of those rare people who hates travel. I've had to go all over this earth since I was born because my parents are huge travelers. But I know my Mom is right. These are memories we're making. So I go.
Happy Memorial Day! Have a terrific one. Don't forget to have some fun too!