Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend to Short

Why is it when you have a few days off, they just fly by really fast? You wonder where they went because you didn't accomplish everything that you wanted to do. I didn't set the alarm so I did sleep late. The latest was this morning and it was going for 9 o'clock.
After hot weather all three days, we are going to have a cool down. We are suppose to get down in the 50's at night. Only in the 80's during the days.
Have you ever driven down the road to see the big boats coming at you and you have to look down to see what is pulling it? We have seen several boats today that made the trucks look like midgets that were pulling them. I don't think I would have wanted to be out on the water. People don't realize they need to make sure their vehicles are meant to pull them. 
I was glad that we didn't travel that far this weekend. He must have not felt the best because he gave me no argument about staying home when I told him I would sooner stay home and work on my embroidery. He even consented to eating at home which is very unusual. 
We talked to our son in Louisiana tonight. His A\c is not working right in his apartment. Nobody was working today so he will have to tell them about it tomorrow. He is doing o.k., but having a doctor who is causing a problem. The doctor won't sign his physical papers that he is o.k. for the job, but then he won't sign the papers where he could draw more disability. The company he is working for already know that he can do the work. You just have people like that unfortunately. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week and try to stay cool. 



NanaDiana said...

Well, it does sound like you got some extra rest and that is a good thing. I am so sorry your hubby isn't feeling very good. Maybe the heat has caught up with him and he will feel better now that it is cooling off.

Sorry to hear your son is having so many problems, too.

I suppose you are back at work today so I will wish you a good day there. xo Diana

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Shirley!
It is so nice to hear from you and I thank you for your sweet comments!
We enjoyed a nice HOT weekend also and agree that it went way too FAST!
My grandparents had a horse ranch and the pics of your grandkiddos riding sure did bring me back to childhood memories :-)))
I havent been blogging in SO long and I think you have a new header? I LOVE IT!!!
Enjoy a fabulous week and happy stitching Shirley!

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Shirley, yes,know what you mean about the holiday days going by so fast. I always plan on things to do cause we never go out on holidays, too much traffic. Unfortunately don't always get done with the list, time runs out. Hope your son is able to get things taken care of. Also hope your hubby is doing alright. Hugs..Lu