Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where is the time going

I don't know where the time is going, but it sure is flying. Our weekend wasn't quite like we planned, but it was a nice one. Saturday we had thunder, lighting, and rain. Needless say it washed the horse show out so it is planned for this weekend. 
We went out to the kids this weekend. We had to go see Matt's new saddle and boots. He has to take good care of his boots because they were expensive. 
Of course both boys are a little anxious. The picture of Jacob and Fergie with the yellow t-shirt shows you one of the latest projects that I have done. I embroidered the horse's head on his t-shirt. I have Matt's almost done. I will have it done by Saturday. 
Jacob was showing me how he can ride Fergie without a saddle. I have some other pictures, but have you ever had them and then can't find them. That is me. I will have to work on that another night. 
Matt is so proud of his new boots and saddle. His saddle will look better on Cleo. He was sitting in the saddle so daddy could adjust the stirrups. He is growing, but still little. 
Jacob has a new red shirt, and I do mean red. You won't have any problem picking him out. He is wearing his new hat. Mom got his new jeans so now he is ready. He thinks he needs more silver on his saddle because of brother's. Kids. 
It was rather nice to be around home more over the weekend. I just didn't feel like going driving in the rain and the way the storms were popping up you didn't know what you were getting in to weather wise. 
Hope you all had a good weekend and you are having a good week. Take care


romance-of-roses said...

Hi dear friend, well had a good mothers day but now I have tonsillitis, guess I had too much festivities. The difficult thing is that I still have to take care of my dh. Went to doctor and am taking medication. Love the shirt you embroidered, enlarged the pic and it's simply fabulous, handsome boy too. Hope your dh is doing alright. Blessings and hugs...Lu

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello dear Sweet friend.
I have been thinking of you and hoping you enjoyed your Mother's Day.
It has been raining here too but thank goodness it waited until I got back home from my visit with my kids.
Love seeing your handsome young grandsons. I know they are proud of their new things. Boots like everything else are sooooo expensive.
I need a new pair to work in around here but hate to spend that kind of money but may have too.
Hope you have a lovely week
Love ya

Debby said...

Looks like you didn't let the rain stop you from some good times. You are such a good grandma.

Blondie's Journal said...

The embroidered shirt is wonderful, Shirley! Too bad the show was rained out. We have had strange weather again...yesterday it was 85 and today is 62. No storms though. Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful week and weekend!


Lynn said...

Your grandson's are so cute Shirley, must be fun to watch them on the horses.
We have had lovely weather this last week so i have been outside a lot, and this weekend is Victoria Day in Canada, so a nice weekend in my garden would be perfect. You have a good one too :)

Vicki said...

Shirley, you grandsons are precious!! Aren't our grandchildren just the best things to happen to us ever? I know you adore yours like I do mine. Enjoy the horse show. Wishing your kiddoes the best of luck, too. Sending love to you~Vicki