Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot and Humid

WE  have been up and down with the weather this week. I have gone to work the last two mornings in downpours. At least it let up a little long enough for me to get from the car into work without being soaked. Nothing is worse then sitting in wet clothes waiting for them to dry especially jeans.
The planes started arriving earlier in the day for the air show. It might have been interesting to see part of it, but I know I can not tolerate the heat and hubby is on med's that he is not to be in the sun a lot. You would have no shade for sure. It is just as well we are not going because I have a couple of other things that I need to take care of anyway.
We were out earlier and there wasn't alot of air moving. I got off  work early to go to the bank for work and I got to come on home. I was glad because my office was getting warm.
The days are being marked off the calendar until the end of school. My youngest grand son sold cards where you could go to different restaurants and receive discounts and etc. He was telling me which ones we should go to. Then he wanted to wash the dishes for mom. He just wanted to play in the water.
They were having a barbeque contest here in town over the weekend. You could smell it without having to be that close. I thought about getting out our little grill, but hubby is at the point where he doesn't know what he wants to eat. We just go someplace instead. At least I am not throwing out food after I bought it.
We have another doctor appointment coming up this next Tuesday. Maybe he had some answers, or will it just be another run around. I know we have been lucky over the years, but I would like to at least make our 50th anniversary next year. I just know that life is full of a lot of ups and downs no matter what you do. I just deal with whatever I am handed and sometimes wonder if I have made the right choice.
The kids use to share the saddle when they ride Cleo and Fergie, but they are going to have to have a saddle for Matt. Brother will be competing against brother so they both can't  use the same saddle. Matt's saddle  will only fit his pony. I know they reminded me that it was this next weekend I think they are a little anxious.
Did I tell you that where I used to have my antique booth is moving? Said the overhead was just to much. No, she raised the rent to many times and people moved out. You can't just raise the rent and expect them to stay. You need to make some compensations to. The place they are moving to is much, much, smaller. I just think that I would have done something to keep my prime location because you couldn't have asked for a better location. Oh well live and learn that is my motto. We all have to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it is a very hard lesson.
Well enough rambling. I am off to visit some of you. Have a great weekend.


NanaDiana said...

Shirley- It sounds like you have a been busy. I am so sorry that you still don't have any answers about your hubby's health...and I am praying that you make the 50th anniversary, too. It has been a long haul for both your physically and emotionally these last few months.

It is too bad that the people were forced to move out of their location because it became too expensive. I am sorry to hear that.

Blessings to you- xo Diana

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

My dear sweet MO friend sounds like you have had a busy hot week.
Hope you find out answers soon because that has to be driving you crazy.
Sorry about the antique booth. I have thought of doing that to this pink house out here but don't know if I should try that or not.
Hope honey you are having a wonderful weekend. Try to stay cool
Love ya

Marydon said...

Shirley, I hope your hubby is doing somewhat better. What a worry to not have answers.

We closed all our antique shops because the sales were way off ... malls are closing right & left here. Sales dropped 90% for everyone around here. We just do our websites now, which has worked well. I guess the kids nowadays just don't get the 'antiques' now.

Have a beautiful week ~
PS GIVEAWAY ends 5/13