Saturday, February 23, 2013


This is what you do when you are out of school on a cold wintry day. You go Tubing down the front hill at Aunt Angie's house with Ethan. Jake is giving instructions to Ethan with him pulling Matt on the sled. They look as though they are having a blast. 
It brought back some wonderful memories of the many coasting parties we had when I was a child. We didn't do the inner tube back then, but we did use things we weren't suppose to do.
 I can remember going to our cousin's and being told not to sled toward the ditch, which was deep so what did we do, you guess it. We didn't get hurt, but we did have a blast. 
Homemade snow ice cream, yummy. Of course, mom always had cookies to go with it. You want to be sure that you picked clean snow. 
We lived close enough to town that we always had our town friends coming to our house. Mom always took it in stride, but then she had several brothers and sisters. Of  course, dad was an only child except for half-brother and sister. We never got to know them very well. Now with mom's brothers and sisters that was another story. We had a lot of cousin's and always had fun.
  How many can remember going to the outside movies in the small towns. The county fairs or as some would call them street fairs. The carnivals that came to town, the horse shows, drive-in movies. When your brother works there, you got in for a very cheap rate. 
Don't you miss the olden days, I guess that tells our age, but we had fun. We didn't do the things that kids do now. We didn't destroy people's property. 
 Well you all have a wonderful day. Stay warm and safe. I am out the door to get my taxes figured, the store, and home. Take care.


Kim said...

I remember at university we used to "borrow" the trays from the dining hall to slide down the big hill on campus ;)

NanaDiana said...

What great pictures. Those kids look like they are having so much fun-I grew up way out in the country but we had LOTS of fun sledding and ice skating in the winter. I think kids today miss so much of the "simple things".
We had a drive-in movie theater that we took our kids to when they were small. One of the last ones of its time.
Have a wonderful Saturday. xo Diana

Acorn to Oak said...

We were so lucky to enjoy so many wonderful things and simple fun when we were younger. It's sad that so much of that is gone.

By the way...what is snow ice cream? I didn't grow up with snow and I've never heard of that?

Blondie's Journal said...

How fun! This reminds me of when my kids would make snow ramps going down the front steps and fly down them on their sleds. We would tell them to watch out for the street. City life!

Stay warm the is weekend, my friend!


stefanie said...

looks fun!

Cinderella Moments said...

Those are wonderful memories and they sound like so much fun.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi Dear Friend
I thought of you today on my way home from my kids in Austin wondering how you were managing in the snow weekend.
Then I come home and you have been by leaving me a sweet comment.
Yes I do miss the good ole days as we remember them.
Kids live so diffently now than we did. I think they miss out a lot on being on the computers too much.
Hope your staying warm and taking care of you.
Love when you come by and see me.

Sharon said...

Oh what fun they must have had. I miss my childhood. We used to go tobogganing down the gully behind our home. It was a huge toboggan. We could get 10 kids on it. There was a huge tree in the middle of the gully but we never hit it. Today that wouldn't be allowed. Ha

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Shirley,
The kids do look like they are having a great time in the snow. I loved this post and the memories you share.
Yes, I remember the drive in movies when I was a little girl. It was so much fun to go with my family. In the winter we would go ice skating at the neighborhood rink and sledding too.
Kids today don't have those fun things available any longer.

Thanks for sharing your fun memories. Hope the taxes went well.
Wishing you a great week. Stay warm.
Blessings and Hugs, Celestina Marie

bj said...

hahhaa....o, this post brings memories flooding back.
We used to use anything we could find to sled on, pulled, SLOWLY, behind a car or pickup. Sooo much fun.
Nearly all my high school dating years were at drive in movies.
And before that, my mom would make us a SNACK basket when we would go to the drive-in....both brother and I put our pjs on so we could just climb in bed when we got home.
Great post.