Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am sitting here watching the snow coming down out my window. It won't take long to accumulate with the rate that it is coming down. We may look like my picture or it may be worse, don't really know. I have been needing some down time, but it isn't exactly how I wanted it. I wanted to go shopping. 
Of course, the boys will love the snow. What kids don't love playing in the snow. I did when I was a child. I can remember taking sleds to school and going out to coast at lunch time. We might make it back in time to do something in the afternoon. Walking on top of the drifts to make it home for Christmas, mom making snow ice cream, snow ball fights, using mom's wash tub, the scoop shovel, and a piece of tin to coast on. We did get in trouble for using the wash tub, the scoop shovel and the tin. The coasting parties, hot chocolate and cookies. Fond memories.
The snow will give me some time to visit my friends in blog land. I have been stopping by, but just not leaving messages. The last two weeks have been very trying on the nerves. Needless to say the stress load was out of site. Scared because they thought at first hubby had a stroke, but he didn't. Just his ammonia level out of site. It just takes several days of working to get it back down.
If we get as much as they are saying I probably will have a long weekend without going anywhere. 
I keep having these crazy pop-up showing up. I thought I have it set so they won't, but they do. Any suggestions how to get rid of them. 
I hope I can get out Saturday because I am suppose to get my taxes figured. We will have a discussion of about how the year will change and what I need to do. 
Enough of my rambling. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and warm. 


Kim said...

The weather this February has been terrible. There seems to be some little storm every few days. Can't wait for March!

Vickie said...

We are getting snow tonight up here. I am on acid blockers for my stomach. I have gastritis and it flared up big time. I thought of you. You said you throw up once in a while from upsetting things. It is hard work, giving up worrying! I think it is harder to be a worrier actually. Hard to stop!!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Hi Shirley, love your snow picture. Of course, I want you to send it all to me. We got a little dusting last Sunday here in SC, but that's pretty much the extent of our snowfall. It's a rare occurence around here. Glad to hear your husband did not have a stroke. And I hope you get to do some shopping. Take care and we'll talk soon.

sweet violets said...

We are having some light snow and the temps are bitter cold, I am hunkering down and staying inside!!! Enjoy your down time.........hugs...cleo

Acorn to Oak said...

Glad to hear you'll get some much needed down time after all the stress. I hope your hubby is feeling a lot better. I understand about things being crazy and not being able to do much in blogland...posting or leaving comments. I've had a crazy couple of weeks and haven't done much in blogland either. I finally found some time last night and life should be a little more normal this next week. Whew! Take care and enjoy your down time and the coziness of being inside and warm out of the snow. Have a wonderful weekend!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- What a twist for a "down day". See, you never know how your wishes will be answered, do you?
We are supposed to get the snow tomorrow that you are getting today and it is supposed to snow for 24 hours. UGH!
We used to make snow ice cream all the time when I was a kid-but I wouldn't want to eat it today with all the pollutants in the air- xo Diana

Rust and Feathers said...

I saw the beautiful snow many areas of the country are getting right now. I have to say, I would love more snow in the winter, but we seem to escape most of it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mary Alice

vicki said...

Shirley- this snow may be a little blessing-- you really do need a little break -- do try to rest-- maybe do some of your beautiful needlework-- find some special time just for you--

Love you-

Kerrie said...

Love your reminiscence of your childhood with snow! Brought back many memories for me, too.I hope you don't get too much snow and that hubby makes progress ASAP. Sending prayers and hugs, Kerrie

Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Shirley. I'm still learning about blogging. Even after having my own blog for quite some time now. I've been one of your followers but just realized that I hadn't listed you correctly. Now I've changed what needed to be changed and will be alerted every time you have a new post. Better way to keep in touch for sure.

I do hope that you'll still be able to find some help with your medications. It just isn't fair that people work their whole lives just to be turned down after they have contributed so much. I'll be keeping you and your husband in my prayers.