Sunday, February 17, 2013

This, That, and etc

 The weekend is coming to a close and I spent yesterday basically sleeping the day away Other then eating and going to the  bathroom, I didn't venture far from the bed.
It  was rather nice, but today I went early to the nursing home.  Hubby was having a little bit of a problem. For one thing, a low blood sugar, but he was doing better when I came home. I had to go to the store for me.
I was a little upset because I lost my little sewing bag that my boys gave me for Christmas. It had needles, seam ripper, and other sewing items in it.
It was gone by the time we come back from lunch . I know it was there earlier and it made me think that somebody had seen it because it was the only thing missing.  When I looked in his closet, there wasn't any of his clothes. We still have clothes missing, that is supposedly in laundry. I guess they thought he wasn't coming back.
My youngest grandson, Ethan, had a very good weekend.  It was Pinewood Derby race car weekend. They had built  four cars that  they did a trial run and he had to choose which one he wanted to race. He  chose his yellow car and it won first place.  They took grandma out to dinner on Friday night to give me a change of scenery from the hospital and nursing home. He had grandma stay a while  with him. Daddy was weighing the cars and  I had to see his collection of Pokey man Cards.
 He went to his first ice-skating  birthday party. He loved it. Mom has no broken bones  just sore feet from stuffing her feet in her skates that she hadn't wore for quite a while.
Thank you for all of your continued prayers.  I just hope we get him out of the nursing home, but it makes me wonder if that is going to happen, physical therapy wise, I think we are going backwards. They did work with him every day he was in the hospital.
You all have a wonderful week.


NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry your little sewing bag went missing. How awful! Well, I hope SOMEONE is enjoying it...and gets their due for taking it (if they did). I am sorry that your hubby is not doing well. It is so hard on all of you. I do keep you and hubby in my prayers, Shirley- blessings to you- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Not the best news coming from the nursing home is it? Will keep praying.♥

Kerrie said...

Shirley, that is just sinful about your hubby's clothes and your sewing bag! Sometimes the bad never stops...Praying for you and sending you cyber hugs, big ones! Kerrie ♥

vicki said...

I can't believe that someone took your little sewing bag and your husbands clothes-- that is just wrong-- makes me SO mad-- I'm so sorry that things aren't looking up for your husband right now. I'm continuing to pray for you both dear friend--