Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bitter Cold

The Valentine I am using tonight came from My Vintage Studio. Sharon posted it this evening and I do love Vintage Valentines as you can tell from my blog.
We haven't got the snow that they predicted, but we have had colder weather then we are use to. At one point today it was -21 degrees. If only the wind would die down, it wouldn't be quite so bad.
My oldest grandson was really happy because they went skiing today at Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri. He really had fun and is ready to go back again. I asked him if he got cold and he said not really. They had places for them to warm up. They didn't know for sure if they were going to get to go, but they all took their clothes to school as though it was going to happen. They didn't get back to school until 3:30, which meant they all had to do the after school program if their parents works.
My middle one wants to go bowling because big brother got to go to a birthday party at the bowling alley on Saturday. They told him that the lanes were all busy so he would have to wait. They went by one on the way home and he told his mom that there wasn't that many cars today so could they go. She told him finally that she would take him Friday after his Valentine party at school. He will remind her that they are going. Little ones never seem to forget anything.
I think about all of my friends that have a lot more snow then we have got now or in the past and they are suppose to get some more. It is so hard to get rid of when you have no place to put it. We are suppose to get some more on Sunday. I just ask that it stops long enough for me to get to go to the city for a doctor appointment that we have been waiting for over six months. If I thought it was an emergency, I could have got it sooner. I wanted to tell the receptionist that if I thought it was an emergency I would have taken him to the hospital and they could see him there. We get through this one then the next one will be when it is warmer weather. Must close. Take care and stay warm.


someplace in thyme said...

Oh Shirley, aren't the little ones just too cute. Lots of snow, lots of chances to ski and of course bowling is so fun and indoors!! Thankyou so much for your sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciate it, Char

Cinderella Moments said...

Skiing! Now that's fun! Hope you don't get too much snow. We might get some (very little). It's just too cold for my taste! Thanks for coming by and checking out my little Graceland. I've never been to the real one myself. I almost went last year. There are so many pictures of it out there, now I feel like I've already been there! Stay warm and good luck at the doctor's! :)

Melody said...

Hi Shirley!
I am sooo happy to have my laptop back!!!
I've really missed stopping by and hearing from ya. Sounds like everybody has been havin fun. We've got a foot on the ground now. Makes it really hard for valentine deliveries. We're supposed to get another storm on Sunday. Jim'll be happy Nascar's Daytona is on Sunday...guess what we'll be doin. Can't wait to see you're quilt..bet it's cute. Good luck with the Dr visit.

mimi said...

Hi Shirley,
I have never tried to ski. I think it is because I am really afraid of high places and the thought of the chair lift gives me shivers. Bowling is more for me :) Glad your little guys had a great time at both. I hope all goes well at the doctors. I know what you mean about keeping the appointment. My son hurt his knee about a week and a half ago and we finally got an appointment for a physical therapy evaluation. Of course it was today right in the middle of the snow storm. Good thing my husband is a really good snow driver and he was able to keep the appointment.
Stay warm and cozy
PS The blueberry buckle on my blog can be eaten cold or warm---but I like it warmed a bit :)