Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Won't You Hurry

After visiting my friend's blog that are getting all the snow, I decided we needed to think about flowers and Spring. It can't get here fast enough for all of us. It hasn't helped us at work because the builders don't work when it gets really cold. The snow doesn't help us to get into the job sites that for sure. It should really be hectic when the weather breaks.
Kim is having a giveaway over at the Primitive Peddler. She is giving away some of her beautiful dollies. She makes such beautiful things. You need to go check it out.
It was nice enough this evening that we went out for dinner to get hubby out of the house. It is the first he has been out since Saturday. We have changed some medication and I am not to sure about it. We are suppose to give it a chance, well how long is that giving it a chance. A week, a month, or what. I just know the doctors and I have worked very hard to get him to where he is now and I do not want to go backwards.
I wonder if I am going to get new neighbors. There were tire tracks in the snow. I know that it sold on the courthouse steps. The owner passed away so the bank foreclosed on it. I don't think there will probably be enough for the kids to get anything from the estate. I didn't know he had that many kids until the funeral. I will just have to wait and see.
My youngest grandson asked his daddy if he got any mail the other day. His daddy handed him the junk mail. He told him that it was junk mail and he was expecting a package. His dad asked him what he was getting, he told him he was getting a baby giraffe, He ordered it from Africa and it was costing him $2.00. I don't know where he comes up with those ideas. They are going to see if they can find him a little stuff giraffe and send it to him to see what the expression will be on his face.
His daddy is going to be showing two bikes in the motorcycle show in KC this weekend at Bartel Hall. He customized the paint job on my daughter's bike. He is always repainting something so that no one else has anything like it. He used to paint pedal cars when they were first married, but kind of got away from that. He has picked back up some of the things that he likes to do. He does it at his own speed and doesn't over do. She is taking pictures so that I can see what he did to it.
Well I need to close for now. To all of my snow bound friends, just be careful if you have to go out. If you are shoveling snow, don't over do.

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Dragonfly Treasure said...

A baby giraffe?? wow! LOL
Hope hubby's med change does well. I totally understand about not wanting to take steps backwards. Sometimes you wonder why change naything if things are going along smoothly...well, smoother than usual anyway.

Glad you are enjoying the pictures! That place reminds me so much of our farm. Of course, when we had to clear it out it wasn't so much fun!

Take care