Thursday, February 4, 2010


I wanted to tell you about the second giveaway that my friend Donna is having at Byrnwood Needleworks. This was her picture and it has brought back memories of my childhood when we used the Scrub Board. You will have to go check it out.
She always has so many interesting post and I truly enjoy reading them.

In between working on my baby quilt, I have been checking out what my blog friends and other friends have been doing.
We started the day off with rain and it went to sleet, but so far we haven't got the snow that they have been predicting. We are under a winter storm watch. I just hope that they are wrong. We are going to be short handed at work so I don't know if we will work the whole day or not. It all depends on the weather so we will have to wait and see.
I had vendor's calling today asking about our weather, they definitely didn't want to send a truck on the ice, but they have changed the forecast all day so who knows. I don't think they even know.
My oldest grandson just wants to go on his ski trip tomorrow to Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri. He is excited about going. To my knowledge, I don't think that he has ever been on a pair of ski's before. I wish I could be a mouse and go watch. I think it would be fun.
I got the report on my lab work from the doctor's office. I have to go back on some medication which didn't surprise me at all. The next trip I am going to have a bone density test done to see what my lower back looks like. I have osteoporosis. That is why I can crack bones really easy. I haven't fallen on the ice yet this winter, but I get picked on about walking like a 90 year old grandmother taking baby steps. I just don't want any broken bones.
I have got me a cup of hot apple cider that I am drinking while I am reading blogs and leaving messages. Hopefully the weather man will be wrong, but so far we are escaping.
You all take care.

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Dragonfly Treasure said...

Do be very careful walking on that ice! I don't blame you for taking baby steps, I would too.
I love your cute!
Keep warm!