Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Quickly Approaching

My friends at Two Crazy Crafters have such cute Vintage Valentines on their blog. I couldn't resist their Mr. Elephant for my blog tonight. I thought he was so cute.
We have been getting snow over the weekend, today, and tomorrow, but it absolutely nothing like they have on the East Coast. Even at Christmas ours wasn't as bad as theirs. We had some patches of black ice to deal with today because of the blowing snow and freezing. Thank goodness that we haven't had that much or we would have had the snow drifts.
Today was a day of frustration in dealing with insurance companies. They changed some of my hubby's medication and the first two they wanted, the insurance company wouldn't cover. We found one, but if it causes side effects, then they will look at the others. It is something else when they tell you what you can have instead of what the doctor ordered. The good thing is they are going to finally give us help with one medication that medicare won't cover and there is not a generic for it. It was so nice to be able to get three months for less then I had been paying for one month out of my pocket. We get to do co pays for a while. Maybe we won't get to the donut hole as fast with the changes that was made. I don't know if they were good decisions or not. We will just have to hope and pray a lot.
My grandson was disappointed that they didn't get to go on their ski trip on Friday. They thought that the weather was to bad. They were suppose to get to go tomorrow, but I don't know if the weather is really going to be any better. I know the wind chill this evening is below zero. The boys are counting days until their Valentine Party at school. My middle grandson wanted to make Valentine cookies with sprinkles on top. He didn't want frosting, just sprinkles. I don't know what mommy was going to let him do. He will maybe be a chef when he grows up because he always has his little chair push over to the cabinets so that he can help cook whatever.
I don't know what we are going to do for Valentine's. A lot will have to do with the weather . Everybody is starting to advertise their weekend specials. We stopped at our Bob Evans on our way home from the pharmacy. It was getting late, with our having to wait for them to get the prescriptions ready. It would make supper to late.
The Olympics is starting and there is several events that i want to watch. I especially want to watch the ice skating. We have always enjoyed the skating. Our daughter competed when she was younger, and taught ice skating when she was going to College. She still does some judging when they have their special Olympics Winter Sports competition here. She has enjoyed watching how some of the kids have progressed. You can really tell when they are excited with their ice skating because of the expression on their faces.
You all stay warm.


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a darling image! I love elephants :)
We are getting a huge snowstorm here right now. In fact, it is snowing so hard, you cant see! I wish my boys were home instead of in school, I worry about the buses! I am hoping they dont have school tomorrow.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciate them!!
Big Bunny Hugs,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Shirley,
Oh your Valentine is adorable.
The whole nation seems to be having a winter blast.
We are having colder then usual days here too and they even predict rain and light snow starting tomorrow.
Ready for Spring already, but it is only February.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.

Stay warm!
Blessings and hugs, Celestina Marie