Monday, February 15, 2010

Next holiday St.Pat's

The next parade is for the Irish. One of the favorite foods is corn beef, cooked cabbage, and new potatoes. They always have a big parade in Kansas City and I don't know about ours if it will take place or not.
You have to have a permit for everything and the rules change all the time. It is not a fund raiser, it is just a time when people want to get together and celebrate.
The results of the bike show that my son-in-law went to this past weekend turned out pretty good. Our daughter's bike took first place and his orange bike took second place. Our grandson still thinks that they should have taken his bike too. I will post pictures of her bike as soon as I get it. She is very careful when she rides and only at certain times does she ride in a group.
We didn't get much snow, but we had the cold north wind. It is suppose to warm up to the 30's and then they are talking about more snow. I hope they are wrong. I have been trying to watch the Olympics, but they have it put together to where there is so much in between what you really want to see. You all take care and have a wonderful day.


fannipauline said...

Hi Shirley......Sounds like you are having fun and enjoying life. I am basking in 78 degree weather here in Southern California. Not bragging - just telling it like it is...We would like it to be a little cooler. My hubby was from Missouri and I miss going back for vacations, Have a great week

Melody said...

Hi Shirley!
Do you believe this? We still have a winter weather advisory. I'm still not back to the shop today. Looks like tomorrow and Thurs. are ok, but Fri. Sat. they say more snow...uhg.