Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Light Savings.

Are any of you like me that wishes they would change the clock a half hour and leave it a lone instead of the spring forward and fall back? You have to make the adjustments to all of the things that you normally do. I wasn't really ready to eat supper, but then it was 5 o'clock by our new time.
The weekend has been damp and cold. We have had so much flooding from the snow melting with the rain on top of it. The rivers that we crossed today have gone back in their banks, but such a muddy mess.
It was really cold, damp, and not the kind of weather to stand out in and watch the parade. They will probably broadcast it one evening this week on our local channel.
My middle grandson went to the Circus with his other grandpa instead of going to the parade which was good because he was just getting over an ear infection. He drank a 20 oz Mountain Dew so needless to say he was wired for sound last night when we baby sat him and his brother. Mommy and daddy went to see the movie "She's Out of My League" and to dinner. We had fun with the boys even though the oldest wasn't feeling good. Matt set on grandpa's lap looking at the new Model Train book for quite awhile until he thought he was going to fall asleep. He normally takes a nap, but not Saturday. They were not hard to take care of that is for sure.
We love the time that we get to spend with them. Jake dearly loves telling me that he has almost caught me in height. They both get to go bowling this week on Friday, but at different bowling lanes.
Our youngest other grandparents have gotten a new puppy after going several years without one. It is a black and white cocker spaniel. He told his grandpa that he would take the puppy home with him and he would bring it back in the morning. That is a favorite saying if he is playing with something that he wants to take with him. He is such a little character,
I need to get back to my project or I am not going to get it finished. You all take care.


The French Bear said...

They are adorable and even if they were bad, Gramma isn't going to tell anyone, he heeee!!! It is so much fun isn't it?
Except for the time change, I hate it too, I am always out of sorts until the mountain times comes back, I really dislike DS time, I am always confused!!!
Margaret B

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I am soooo on your wavelength! I've also said that I wish we could just change the clock 1/2 hour and leave it at that! Huh...Great minds...

Don't we all love our grandchildren and the memories they give us.

Have a great week.

Lynn said...

I felt a bit off last night at dinner time too with the time change, but I did enjoy the light for longer :)
Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your grandchildren Shirley, I love the photo of the little guy on his horse.
We had a cocker spaniel, he was our first dog, but a gold color, so sweet, the kids will have lots of fun :)

Melody said...

Hi Shirley! I just got home from work and just finished putting on my pot roast for later. Thought I'd pop in.
I hate losing the Hour too...until it stays much lighter later. I hate the dark. I get sleepy as soon as it gets dark. I have always been like that. Jim says it's the farmgirl genes I have up at the crack a dawn and asleep at dusk.LOL we had a heck of a time dating..I was pooped by 10! and we dated when we were 17!
Yoiu sure are lucky! You sure have some fun with those boys.
It's wet, muddy, and chilly this past weekend. Sun. Jim surprised me with a new shelf to help organize my craft things I started that project while he took some of his Chrysler auto tech tests for his Master Technician qualifications.
Well, I better close for now. I'm goona work that shelf. Gotta go thru some boxes of textiles.

lori vliegen said...

i'm with you, hoo on daylight savings time!!! i don't like to go to bed knowing that i've already lost an hour of precious sleep time!!! i'm glad you had such a fun weekend with your sweet grandkids.....i hope your weather clears up soon! thanks for your sweet visits to my blog.....i enjoy reading your comments! hugs, :))

Sheila said...

Shirley, the time we spend with our grandkids are for the most part the Best times we can have.

As far as the time change goes.. I to wish they would leave it alone. Leave it like it is right now and not fall back.. I love the days when it is light out side longer, even if it is winter time.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Your little guys sound so cute Shirley!! I love listening to my children talk, I could laugh all day!! It sounds like you all had a lot of fun!
We had really icky weather over the weekend too! It is supposed to be beautiful and sunny all week and then rain this weekend again! This morning, my five year old informed me that it only rains on weekends, lol! Too cute!
I dont like to fall back. That affects me more. I LOVE it being light longer. But I dont like it being dark when I get up, lol!
Big Hugs,

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirley,
These grandchildren are such a blessing from God, aren't they? I am glad you had such a fun time with your guys. I have seen how you all have been getting so much rain. It is raining today in Central Texas, too. Hope the sun shines soon for you! Thanks for dropping by for a visit and for your kind comments! Vicki