Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was visiting my blogging friends tonight to see what they had been doing. I was visiting Sharon at My Vintage Studio.
She had the picture at the left on her blog and I really like it. I was wondering what I was going to use to make my blog look like stationary and she came to my rescue.
Tomorrow is St Patty's Day, we have a bar-restaurant right across the street from where I work so I will have to be extra careful when I leave that someone doesn't hit me. We will have the traditional corn beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and sour dough bread for dinner when I get home. The previous owner of where I work would cook for our customers and serve them a free lunch. It got so that you saw people that you didn't know that would come to eat because somebody told them we were having a free lunch.
I kinda miss him because when it was really cold, he would bring us in a big pot of home made vegetable soup made with vegetables out of his garden. He was a very good cook.
My youngest grandson is having a lot of fun playing with the new puppy. He says it is a black and white fur ball. This week his other grandparents are also dog sitting their other son's dog while they are gone. He is having fun playing with both dogs. He wants to take them home and bring them back in the morning.
They are predicting snow again for the weekend. I do hope they are wrong. My Magnolia tree will probably freeze and I won't get to enjoy the blooms. I am hoping I will.
Well it is time I really need to go to bed because tomorrow will be a busy day for me.


The French Bear said...

Shirley, thank you for your constant love and support!!! I am so happy you and I are blog friends, it is such a comfort to have that in a world where people are so busy with their own lives. I am glad you have the "boys", they are sweet and loving like you!!!!
Margaret B

My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a wonderful and fun day!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Hugs, Sharon

Sheila said...

Shirley Thanks so much for pointing me to Debbie. I will go over and ask her .. Have a great St. Patty's Day..

Ana said...

Hi Shirley,
♣ Happy St. Patrick's Day ♣ Hope you have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sheila said...

Shirley, i did lose my list, but i kept poking around and found where it said to add by blogs i follow, there in that part was most of the list i had.. I had to then try to remember some of the others i did not have in my following list.. But most are back now.. Thanks for the sympathy pat on the back.. huggggggggggggs